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Welcome to the Best of Turgutreis

Turgutreis Market every Saturday Welcome to Turgutreis

Introduction to Turgutreis

Situated 20 km from Bodrum, Turgutreis is the second largest town on the peninsula.

It's the main commercial center in the western part of the peninsula, and is perhaps best known for two features - it's colourful sunsets and the copious shopping opportunities, especially at the weekly market held each Saturday.

The vast collection of small islands off the coastline, make the drive south of Turgutreis both photogenic and memorable.

If you're in the area, don't miss it.

Bodrum Peninsula Index Pages TurkeyI've recently created a Turgutries Destination Index page, which is a visual reference page full of links to all the information about Turgutreis. It's less text heavy than this page, and easy to navigate



  • This Bodrum Peninsula town is named after the Ottoman Admiral Turgut Reis
  • A few kilometres south from the town center as you head towards Akyarlar (just the other side of the Marina), is Sabanci Park, which is a waterfront memorial marking the place where the Admiral Turgut Reis first set sail


Getting There

  • To say "all roads lead to Turgutreis" isn't an exaggeration, especially if you're traveling by Dolmuş.
  • From most of the towns and villages on the peninsula, you can get to Turgutreis (and Bodrum) without too much trouble and with convenient frequency.
  • Information about a Dolmus routes from Turgutreis

Things to do - Beaches

Turgutreis Beach Bodrum Turkey

Things to do - Shopping

  • A summary of all the shopping options in Turgutreis
  • Saturday Street Market
    • This is the largest weekly market on the peninsula, and has expanded so much over the fast few years that now half of it has moved across the other side of the main street to make room for it.
    • The produce and food stalls are held in the large square car park area near to the warren of tourist shops, and the pazar section of the market selling textiles, clothes, shoes bags and souvenirs is located down a narrow side street.
    • Together, these markets add up to one loud crowd and market experience. Get ready to haggle.
    • Video of a narrated trip around Turgutreis Market
  • Turgutreis Marina
    • Wander around the Marina to gaze at the amazing display of ocean vessels, with plenty of eateries and shops to distract you. There's shops and designer stores at the Marina, as well as restaurants, bars, cafes and an outdoor concert area.
    • Video of Turgutreis Marina
  • Artist Street; Handicraft Corner and Designer stores at the Turgutreis Marina.
    • As well as glitzy designer stores there's also a couple of groups of art and craft market stalls that are most active at night.
  • Multiple supermarkets for all of your self-catering shopping essentials
    • There's a fairly large Migros shop near the road leading to the market, and other supermarkets along the main road that leads through Turgutreis.
  • Summer Crafts & Handmade Market Pazar
    • Located between the dolmus station and the Migros.
  • The labyrinth of tourist shops between the beach and mosque.
    • Wander around this compact area of town and you're inundated by the choice of trinkets and souvenirs to take home.
    • This shop below doesn't allow haggling, so the price you see is the price you get, but it's really competitively priced.

Turgutreis Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Things to Do - Boat Trips

Destiny Boat in Turgutreis

Things to Do - Ferry to Greek Islands

Things to Do - Diving

Horse Riding Centre in Turgutreis TurkeyThings to Do - Horse riding

Things to Do - Festivals & Events

Things to Do - Hiking and Walking


  • The area around Turgutreis is bordered with steep mountains running parallel to the coastline. These mountains are peppered with ruins from the Leleges era, which can be visited by following the web of local hiking trails.

Turgutreis Sunset, Turkey


  • As you travel along the Turgutreis coastline, you'll pass several inlets, and your journey along the coast road will reward you with views of the myriad of islands that are dotted in this part of the Aegean.  The majority of them are Turkish, but you'll also glimpse the Greek islands of Kos and Kalymnos, which are best viewed when you're in the vicinity of the Kadekelesi Hüseyin Lighthouse area.

Quick Reference Travel Guide: Turgutreis

Turgutreis Quick Reference Travel Guide Turkey

Quick Reference Travel Guide: Turgutreis Beaches

Front and Back cover of Turgutreis Beaches Quick Reference Travel Guide Turkey


View larger map

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© Feature, Sunset and Craft Market Photo's by Yilenes




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  1. Roving Jay

    If there’s any information you want to know about Turgutreis, that isn’t included above… please just leave me a comment and I’ll add it.
    Roving Jay recently posted..Emily & Rob Explore Kos, GreeceMy Profile

    1. Cheryl McClelland

      Hi there, we are hoping to visit here mid October staying at La Blanche resort. We have 2 kids aged 12 and 16. Will there be enough for them to do? And what weather can we expect? Many thanks

      1. Roving Jay

        Hello Cheryl – Here’s a page with the weather information for all towns on the peninsula (including Turgutreis) https://www.bodrumpeninsulatravelguide.co.uk/weather-averages-bodrum-beach/

        Hopefully your kids like the water and water sports – as that’s the main activity in Turgutreis. I’m sure the resort will have kids activities too, and there’s a horse riding stable on the outskirts of town.

        Roving Jay recently posted..Bodrum Airport Public TransportMy Profile

        1. Cheryl McClelland

          Many thanks!

  2. craig

    Hi Jay
    We are going next week staying at the Sundance Suites for 11nights. Any feedback on this hotel?
    Also what’s your best beach on this strip?
    Many thanks

    1. Roving Jay

      Hi Craig — sorry, I don’t know this hotel, but I had a check on Trip Advisor and saw some rave reviews. This hotel is located on the beach amonst a cluster of other resorts, and is actually closer to Kadikalesi than Turgutreis – but you can walk to both.

      If you walk north along the beach, you’ll go past all of the resorts, and get to a quiet stretch of the beach in Kadikalesi. There’s a few little beach restaurants here, and they’re pretty chilled.

      Here’s a link to a free QRTG about Turgutreis beaches … and you’ll see the local of the town beach which is sandy located right near all the town shops and restaurants.
      Roving Jay recently posted..Gumusluk Travel Guide Available on AmazonMy Profile

  3. Michael

    Hi Jay, Are there any larger boats for hire which can take a group of people 50-200 from Turgutreis to Gumusluk and if yes, what would these cost and how long would be the trip by boat
    Thanks, Michael

    1. Roving Jay

      There’s double decker boats intended for large groups, but I’m not sure how many they hold … maybe 50 or so. It’s only a short distance from Turgutreis to Gumusluk – only Kadikalesi separates the two, so maybe 30 minutes to reach depending on the speed of the boat.

  4. jase

    Hi, Me and my partner are travelling to Turgutreis in October for 10 nights AI at the la blanche resort hotel, i was wondering how much on average would we need to exchange into turkish lira, we are visiting ephesus, kos and the water park as well as going to enjoy meals on the sundowner. We will also visit the Saturday market and then just generally enjoy ourselves. Any feedback would be great.

    1. Roving Jay

      Hello Jase .. you’ll get a better rate of exchange locally in Turgutries than you will in the UK or at the airport. So you can bring pounds and then exchange for Lira in town.

      You can also use ATM cards at the banks to get Lira out – just check with your bank about any charges.

      thanks, Jay
      Roving Jay recently posted..Self-Catering in Bodrum Villa AccommodationMy Profile

  5. Jane


    I am looking at the new Sensimar Bodrum resort but as it is a new hotel I am having difficulty finding anything out about it.

    Are you familiar with the hotel, if so can you give me some information? I really want to know if it is isolated are whether you can walk to different areas?


    1. Roving Jay

      Hello Jane … I’m not familiar with it, but I found it’s location on this Thomson site and I see that it’s on the border between Turgutreis and Kadikalesi. So you’re a little bit out of the town of Turgutreis, but there’s lots of little restaurants and a couple of local bars (Pitos) within easy walking distance.


      If you do want to visit Turgutreis town, it’s within walking distance, or you can get a dolmus there.

      Let me know if you need more info…. thanks, Jay
      Roving Jay recently posted..Bodrum Maritime Museum Shell Exhibit Photo GalleryMy Profile

  6. Jo


    I am travelling to Turgutreis on Thursday on my own for a week. I’m staying at the first choice Yasmin Resort. Do you know the hotel? Im a little nervous about venturing out alone. Is it a safe area? Are there bars, sights etc locally to my hotel that I would feel comfortable going to alone?

    Any advice would be appreciated

    1. Roving Jay

      Hello Jo .. I’ve travelled on my own to this area before and you’ll be fine.


      The Yasmin resort isn’t in central Turgutries, it’s towards the northern end of Kadikalesi. I don’t know the Yasmin, but it looks like a fab place to stay in and only a short walk to the restaurants located right on the beach in Kadikalesi. I prefer the chilled parts of Kadikalesi rather than the noisy bars of Turgutreis. One local bar that I’ve heard good reports about (but haven’t been too) is the Pitos bar.

      Here’s my articles about Kadikalesi:

      There’s a free downloadable guide for Kadikalesi which has restaurants listed, that would be useful for you.


      If you fancy a brilliant local breakfast place … organically, local grown and handmade jams etc… catch the dolmus from the Yasmin towards Turgutreis and get off at the Bodrum Eco Farm (it’ll be on your right) .. the owner is Cem (pronouced Chem – and he’s a really welcoming host) It’s a beautiful garden setting, and you can while away a few hours eat and watching the chicken, ducks, sheep and other animals. Take a book and chill there. Highly recommended.



      If you take a dolmus in the other direction (north) – you can be in Gumusluk within about 10 minutes. Lots a great little stalls to wander around and little cafe and bars. My favorite place to eat there is the Hayat .. it’s a little bit set back from the beach, but another great place to chill. Another fabulous breakfast is served there, but also a great place for a coffee break, lunch or dinner.


      There’s a hill over looking Gumusluk harbour, and it’s a pretty mellow hike/walk to the top for a lovely view of Gumusluk (especially in the morning before it gets too hot). Then head to the Belidiyesi Harbour Cafe (near the pier) for an inexpensive cup of coffee or tea, and grab a pastry from the local pastry shop just opposite.

      Walking to Turgutries from the Yasmin:

      It’s not too far of a walk into Turgutreis. You can follow the beach most of the way, with a slight detour inland for a few minutes. Visit there on a Saturday when they have their big market.


      Day Trips to Bodrum

      Most of the sights are in Bodrum Town, and you can easily reach it from Gumusluk or Turgutreis via dolmus. The Castle is fabulous, and there’s so many more shops there. The dolmus run late into the evening.

      Let me know if you have any other questions .. or if you’re looking to see something specific…. and I’ll try and steer you in the right direction for it… Let me know how your trip goes … you can send me a direct email by visiting my Contact page …


      I’d love to hear how your trip went… thanks, Jay
      Roving Jay recently posted..Bodrum Ferryboat Company 2015 Timetable & PriceMy Profile

  7. Kyoko

    Hi, I am going to Greek islands from Turgutreis on this Wednesday and come back on Sunday. Could you please suggest me where I can find a car park for 4 days near the port?
    Thank you for your help. Regards,

    1. Roving Jay

      Hello Kyoko .. if you download my Quick Reference Travel Guide for Turgutreis:


      You will see some parking areas marked. But I’m not sure if any of them would work for your long-term parking while you’re away in Greece.

      Best to go to town and drive around and look for the little parking lots that are dotted around town, and ask for a price for the 4 days.

      There is parking near the port .. but that will likely be expensive. Is it possible to park where you’re staying and getting a cab to the port instead? It might work out cheaper than paying for parking.
      Roving Jay recently posted..Gümüşlük Travel Guide ContentsMy Profile

  8. Laura

    Hey there

    I am coming to Turkey on Thursday, staying at La Blanche. Couple of questions: Would you recommend having turkish bath and massage at hotel or the one in bodrum? If the one in Bodrum, should we book through Thomson or make our own way there and what prices should we expect to pay?


    1. Roving Jay

      Hello Laura … La Blanche is in a perfect location for exploring the heart of Turgutreis. I haven’t been to their Spa and Turkish Bath (but it does look lovely), and it’s really personal choice of whether you want to use the hotel Turkish bath or want to head to one of the public Turkish Bath’s around the Peninsula:

      Rashids – Ortakent
      Will pick you up from your resort

      Bodrum Hamam – Bodrum (By the Bus Station)

      These two are popular Tourist Turkish Baths, but I prefer the low-key vibe of the Bardakci.

      Bardakci – Bodrum (Down a back lane in the centre of town)
      … fyi this is the oldest Hamam in the area, but they only have male masseurs… this is actually my favourite hamam .. but it’s not for everyone, because it’s the least touristy.

      I wouldn’t book through Thomson. Instead just arrange it when you’re there. You can just go along on spec, or you can book through one of the many travel agents in Turgutries… they all advertise a Turkish Baths — just double check which one they’re selling, and find out if transport is included.

      As for cost… is depends what services you want … expect to pay about 60TL for the Turkish Bath, scrub and oil massage. Prices vary so this is just a rough estimate.

      TIP: Go at the beginning of your holiday, so that you get rid of all your dry skin before you start trying to tan. Careful afterwards though. Make sure you use lots of sun block.

      Let me know which one you end up trying.
      Roving Jay recently posted..Back Street Stroll to Bodrum’s MausoleumMy Profile

  9. anthea crombie

    Hey Jay
    I am hoping to book the sundance suites which you have said is closer to Kadikalesi than Turgutreis – but you can walk to both. Whilst we enjoy nice hotels we are not ones for staying in the resort everynight we do enjoy going out to busy towns and sampling the shopping and something a little lively now and again. Will either of these places offer us this? additionally how far by dolomus is bodrum as this could be an option for us a few nights in the week.

    Thanks Anthea

    1. Roving Jay

      Hi Anthea .. Turgutreis is the 2nd largest town on the Peninsula (after Bodrum), so there is plenty of places to eat and shop (as well as a large Saturday market) .. but there is more variety in Bodrum (everything from little craft shops to expensive designer shops — and everything in between), and more sightseeing opportunities in Bodrum too.

      There are a few restaurants in Kadikalesi .. and a couple of village shops, but not much else.

      You can get a direct dolmus (or city bus) between Turgutreis and Bodrum, and it only takes about 30 minutes. During the peak summer months — the dolmus service will run into the small hours of the morning.

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