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Dirmil Köy Kahvaltısı in Gökçebel for Turkish Breakfast

I was in Gökçebel the other day so decided to try Dirmil Köy Kahvaltısı for the first time, and I wasn’t disappointed. As well as the usual Turkish breakfast dishes, my breakfast included hand baked bread and a selection of traditional turkish sides that made this breakfast special.

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Welcome to the Best of Gümüşlük

Welcome to Gumusluk Bay Home Page. Discover what’s waiting for you at Gumusluk. Getting There, Things to Do, Map & summary of the Beach and Harbour

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The best pizza parlour in Bodrum: Arka Pizzeria

Once you’ve discovered Arka Pizzeria in Bodrum, you’ll keep going back for their delicious Italian food, friendly staff and great music. Delicious pizza and pasta will get your taste buds dancing.

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A visit to the Gümüşlük weekly market

The Gumusluk weekly market continues to grow, but it’s still a local’s market full of fresh local produce and textiles and clothes the local shoppers are looking. It’s not full of tourist tat! Visit here on a Wednesday to experience a Traditional Turkish market.

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Local Turgutreis Cafes near the Boat Harbour

Information and menu for the Belediyesi Amiral Cafe, and information about the other small local cafes right along the boat harbour, just before the entrance to the Turgutreis Marina. Great locations to people watch and inexpensive food and drinks.

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Cafe Nar Çiçeği Gumusluk

Not all of Gumusluk’s cafes and restaurants are located right along the harbour, but even those that at first glance seem a little bit out of the way, can provide a different perspective on the tried and tested view at the water’s edge. This definitely the case for Cafe Nar Çiçeği, which is located on the land-side of the main road leading out of Gumusluk, just up the hill that takes you away from the harbour and craft stalls.

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Hasan Fidan Bodrum Coffee House

This Bodrum coffee house has a courtyard with an inviting mix of traditional stone floors and rustic furniture, and is reminiscent of a traditional Han.

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Yalıkavak Fish House Restaurant Review

It was a cold winter’s New Years Day when we drove through Yalıkavak on our way home from another shopping trip in Bodrum, and although it was mid-afternoon we headed to the Yalıkavak Fish House Restaurant for a late-lunch/early-dinner.

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Gümüşlük Municipal Cafe Menu & Prices

Head to the Gümüşlük Municipal Cafe next time you’re in the area for cheap eats and a great view. Here’s their Menu & Prices taken during my visits there in December.

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Bodrum in Wintertime: A Different Perspective

Previously I’ve spent time in Bodrum during the peak summer season or one of the shoulder-months of May and October, but now that we’re spending our first Winter in Bodrum, they’ll be new perspective on the content I’m sharing.

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Pisirme Evi Fish Restaurant Gümüşlük

Here’s an alternative to the expensive fish restaurants that line Gümüşlük harbour. The Gümüşlük Balik Pisirme Evi (Fish Cooking House) is located right next door to the Mars Cafe, by the harbour craft market.

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Bitez Market Photo Gallery

The Bitez weekly farmer’s market is held in the village every Thursday. It’s currently located on a temporary site opposite it’s long term home, and is an extensive collection of food, clothing and household stalls.

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