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Guest Bloggers Guidelines

Finding a Niche

The key to any website, is identifying a niche, and then filling it with the best possible content available.  This way you can entice visitors to keep returning to scour and devour your content.

The Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide needs to provide something that is missing from the myriad of other Bodrum Travel sites out there.

So what’s my niche?

First and foremost – this blog is about the Bodrum Peninsula, and all the content is relevant to this part of Aegean coast of Turkey.   

As well as introductions to the many different villages and towns within the Peninsula, this site also includes summaries of activities like boat trips, local hikes and walks, as well as local recommendations and of course traveller tips (like how to get from the airport to your destination!)  

I also include introductions to other bloggers, who have experienced the Peninsula for themselves, and are eager to share their experiences, either in a list format or an enticing narrative.

It’s this content from Guest Bloggers, that helps give my blog a multi-dimentional viewpoint of experiences.  Rather than just being a Travel guide, I’m sculpting this site into a magazine format with a broad cross section of content, so that it becomes a hybrid of Guide Book and Travel Narrative — to become a premium Destination Resource. 

My personal philosophy, is to encourage visitors to get off the beaten track; jump on public transports, and immerse themselves in the local culture.

And that’s my niche! 

(I also accept Guest Blog articles about general travel information for visitors to Turkey.)

How to Contribute

Here’s the different ways a Guest Blogger to contribute:

  1. Create a list of  Top 5 Tips/Picks for the Bodrum Peninsula in 50 words or less
  2. Waxing Lyrical about your Top 5 Tips/Picks
  3. Submit a Photo Album or Video Gallery
  4. Write a narrative about anything to do with the Bodrum Peninsula, or visiting Turkey

All of these content options, provide Guest Bloggers with flexibility to choose the contribution method that suits their writing style.

Guest Blog Guidelines

For anyone who wishes to be a Guest Blogger on Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide, here’s some guidelines:

  1. Content must be pertinent to the Bodrum Peninsula or surrounding area’s
  2. Content should comply to the “Blog with Integrity” Pledge
  3. End the blog post with a byline segment, including an introduction and (up to) 2 links to a website or social media source site

Other than those three guidelines… it’s open season on content.

So if you have Bodrum Peninsula travel tips, information or media to share, and can create content that fits within the 3 simple guidelines above, please contact via my CONTACT ME Page or leave a comment below.



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