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A Unique Turkish Souvenir: Pul Biber

A Fresh Turkish Souvenir

Fed up of buying Turkish Delight to take home with you as a souvenir?  I have the perfect solution – browse the local farmers market and buy some Pul Biber.

What is Pul Biber?

Pul Biber is the catch-all generic name used to refer to Turkey’s popular red spice, but there are many different varieties of Turkish red pepper, and each one has a distinct aroma and colour, and offers differing levels of heat. Pul Biber differs from the traditional red pepper/chili flakes, and tends to be more oily with a slightly damp texture.

Spice Stall at Yalikavak Market Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

I realized there was no better way to evoke memories of my trip to Turkey, than buying a trio of Turkish Pul Biber as souvenirs. This way, my friends and family could taste the adventure I’d been on for themselves, and so a new tradition was born.

Spice Stall at Yalikavak Market Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

I usually buy big bags of three types of Pul Biber, and repackaged them in smalls jars or bags to give out as souvenirs.

The Darker the Biber the Bigger the Kick

My new holy trinity of Turkish souvenirs is now:

  1. Urfa Pul Biber – a mild, tangy flake with a slightly woody flavour
  2. Ipec Pul Biber Maras – a fruity medium spiced flake, almost crimson coloured
  3. Aci Pul Biber – a darker red flake with a bitter aftertaste, and a spicy kick
Most stalls have at least three basic Pul Bibers (mild, medium and hot) made from a specific variety, or a combination of varieties.
The names and varieties differ by market stall, so the best way to choose your Pul Biber souvenir, is to ask you local stall holder for a sample.

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  1. ron backer

    I would like to purchase urfa and ipec pul biber seeds from a turkish source; also looking for aleppo pepper seeds.

    Thank you,

    Ron Backer

  2. Steve Bearman

    Do you know the name of the spice paste that can be found in massive heaps at the spice market in Istanbul (and, I imagine, elsewhere)? I’m trying to find some, but I don’t know what it’s called.

    1. Roving Jay

      Hi Steve… it’s Acılı Acuka which you can buy online from http://www.tulumba.com, happy hunting…
      Roving Jay recently posted..Video of Bodrum & Ferry ride to KosMy Profile

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