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Welcome to the Best of Konacık

Introduction to Konacık

Konacık acts as the main artery leading into Bodrum, making it difficult to identify where one town starts and the other begins. Some of the sights and activities below, may actually be classed as being in Bodrum, but they’re closer to Konacık than Bodrum Harbour, so I’ve included them here.

Businesses, Shops, Offices and Banks line the main route through Konacık, making it an integral economic partner to Bodrum’s tourist driven existence.


  •  Formerly named as Çırkan, Konacık’s history dates back to 7th century BC.
  • According to Herodotus, the ancient city of Pedasa (which is within the boundaries of present-day Konacık) was one of the most important cities for trade in the region.  Wine made in Pedasa was very popular throughout the area and the vineyards are still in existence.


  • Konacık is the only town on the peninsula not on the coast, and is only 4km from Bodrum’s city centre. Approximate distances to Konacık:

Getting There

  • Hop on a Dolmuş in Bodrum, heading for any of the towns and villages in the middle or coastal area’s of the peninsula (e.g. Ortakent, Turgutreis, Yalikavak etc.), and you’ll travel north out of Bodrum and turn left onto the main road through Konacık.

Things to do

  • Visit the Oasis Shopping Centre, which has a large selection of shops, restaurants and activities (e.g. movie theatre, bowling alley)


  • Stop off at the Bodrum Ampitheatre, just after turning left onto the main road through Konacık. Great photo opportunity of picture postcards views of Bodrum Bay and Castle

Bodrum Amphitheatre Turkey History

sues Pedesa Ruins 2


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