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Welcome to the Best of Kadikalesi

Kadikalesi JettyIntroduction to Kadikalesi

Storming the beach at Kadikalesi

Our first trip to Kadikalesi in 2011

Kadikalesi is a small coastal location with a few resorts and a small sandy beach. Whilst its neighbour, Turgutreis has developed and grown, Kadikalesi remains a simple and unspoilt.

There’s a small main street and a few shops, but none of the touristic chaos of other towns on the Peninsula experience.

During our first few visits to the area, we drove right through this little hamlet, but commented on the attractive lattice-work pattern on the mosque’s minaret.

One day we pulled over, and followed the small side street leading to the bay.  Sheep were running across the beach in front of one of the local cafes, and we instantly fell in love with this local charm.


  • Kadi Kalesi translates to Judge’s Castle, and is named after the residence of the local area Judge from ancient times.  The remains of the building are still visible on the hillside above the town.


  • Kadikalesi is situated in the western part of the Peninsula, nestled halfway between Turgutreis and Gümüşlük
    Approximate distances to Kadikalesi:

Getting There

  • Kadikalesi runs parallel to the main road between Turgutreis and Gümüşlük, and can be easily reached by dolmuş, just look out for the picturesque mosque on the right had side of the road to signal the start of Kadikalei bay
  • It’s a small town that stretches along the shore with restaurants and other resort village amenities making it easy to get around on foot or bike
Kadikalesi Beach with Greek Islands in the distance

Kadikalesi Beach with Greek Islands in the distance

Things to do

  • Horseriding at Turgutreis Country Ranch
Kadikalesi Beach in front of Pitos Restaurant

Kadikalesi Beach in front of Pitos Restaurant


  • The traditional mosque, covered in wisteria, is not particularly significant, but it has a nice lattice design on it, which first inspired us to pull over and explore Kadikalesi
  • As well as Kadi’s Kalesi (Kadi’s Castle), there’s a old church with Greek inscriptions still visible above the doorway, and a nearby cistern on the hillside
Kadikalesi Greek Church Bodrum

Kadikalesi Greek Church on the hills not far from the Mosque

Eat & Drink

  • The old Kekik Restaurant (which used to be one of our favorite haunts on Kadikalesi Beach) has now been taken over by the Pitos Bar and Restaurant. This bar used to be located along the road that runs parallel to the beach and was part of the Pitos Bungalow and Cabins. The accommodation is still there, but now the restaurant has a ring-side seat on the beach.
  • There’s a couple of inexpensive restaurants down the road that leads from the small mosque to the beach. The family-run Cotto Cafe and Nisan Cafe both serve traditional Turkish food and are located opposite each other. There’s also a small pide cafe next door to the Cotto Cafe called Bod-Pi.
  • The Korfez Restaurant has been located on their spot over-looking the water for as long as I’ve been visiting, and is a traditional seafood and meze restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating.
  • The colourful tables and chairs on the pedestrian area by the beach belong to the Yunuslar Karadeniz Unlu Mamüller & Cafe – and if you’re not in the mood for a full-blown meal, you can pop into their bakery for a snack instead.
  • Along the beach, just before the Pitos Restaurant is the long-standing Yali Balik Restaurant, which is another traditional seafood and meze Turkish restaurant.
Kadikalesi Beach and Yali Balik Lokanta

Kadikalesi Beach and Yali Balik Lokanta

Quick Reference Travel Guide: Kadikalesi

Kadikalesi QRTG for Bodrum Peninsula Turkey


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This article was originally published in 2011, but has been updated with new information and republished based on my recent visit there in May 2017.

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