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Water Cisterns of Konacık

Konacik Sarnic Restoration Bodrum TurkeyRestoration in Progress

It was heartening to read that the town of Konacık are spending money to preserve their local heritage, by investing in a multi-stage project to restore 10 of the local Sarniç’s (water cisterns).

Konacik Sarnic InteriorOnce restoration is complete, the cisterns will be open to visitors, but based on this photo – a tour in the interior shouldn’t take too long.

I wonder if they’ll charge an entry fee?

We had a graffiti covered Sarniç down the road from us in  Gümüşlük – but on our recent trip in June, we noticed that the graffiti had be replaced by a glistening white coat of fresh paint.

Konacik Sarnic Restoration Bodrum Turkey

When they’re in this virgin state, they remind me of a misplaced arctic hobbit house.







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