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Bodrum Airport Public Transport

New low cost public transports from Milas-Bodrum Airport and Bodrum Town. Cheap alternative to Havas Shuttle, Taxis and private Shuttles.

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Monarch Airlines Review

Charter Airline Monarch Airlines has Cheap Flights to Bodrum from Birmingham, Luton, Leeds/Bradford, Manchester & Gatwick. This is the information page with key information about seats, excess charges, and contact information.

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Index Page: Flights to Bodrum Turkey Airport

Want to know which airlines fly in and out of Bodrum? Here’s a list of all of the airlines and links to their websites. I’ve also included some video’s of them landing in Bodrum. My two favourites are the the Turkish Airlines HD video, and the private plane video shot from the cockpit.

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Bodrum Airport Transport: Taxi Distances & Cost

Vehicles picking up passengers at the Airport must be licensed tourism minivans, buses or taxis, i.e. your hotel can’t just send a car to pick up at the Airport.

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Bodrum Airport Transport: Havaş Shuttle Bus

Havaş is the first and the original company established to provide ground services for aircrafts at airports in Turkey, and their Airport shuttle travel between Bodrum and the Domestic Terminal at Bodrum/Milas Airport.

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Free Airport Shuttle Service for Atlasjet Passengers

Atlasjet, one of Turkey’s domestic flight operators has started to offer a free shuttle service between the Bodrum Airport and certain destinations on the Bodrum Peninsula. If you arrive or depart on an Atlasjet flight, you can use their free shuttle service.

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Bodrum Airport – How to Check Flight Arrivals & Departures

Want to know how to check the status of domestic and international flights for Milas-Bodrum Airport?

Here’s some links which will let you know if the flight you’re enquiring about has been delayed, or had already landed.

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An Introduction to Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a travel search site that helps thousands of people find the cheapest flights every day. It provides instant comparison on flight prices for over 600 airlines and millions of routes, as well as price comparison for car hire, hotels and holidays.

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Bodrum Airport Transport: Shuttle Direct Bus

Shuttle Direct are one of the leading airport transfer providers for most UK holiday destinations. Since their launch in 2002, ShuttleDirect.com has proved popular with travelers because of the ease and transparency of making on-line Shuttle booking.

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Bodrum Airport Transport: From Bodrum Airport to your Destination

One of the things that people forget when they go on holiday is how they are going to get from the airport to their destination. Here, we explore three of your your options, for Car Hire, Taxi and Shuttles.

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Mustafa the taxi driving farmer at Bodrum Airport

So after a 24 hour journey from Los Angeles to Heathrow, a transfer to Gatwick, and a 5 hour layover, we finally arrived at Bodrum Airport at 2am, and were wandering aimlessly out of the baggage area, towing our bags behind us in a daze of hunger, thirst and fatigue.

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Milas-Bodrum Airport Turkey

The Milas-Bodrum Airport is situated 36 kms northeast of Bodrum, and 16 kms south of Milas. There’s a brand new International (built in 2012) and Domestic terminal is now situated in the old International Terminal.

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