Emily Explores Ancient Bodrum in Spring

Guest Article from Emily and Rob who visited Bodrum in Spring and did a tour of some of Bodrum’s ancient sights, including the Amphitheatre, Mausoleum and Ottoman Shipyard. This article includes some gorgeous poppy photographs.

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Bodrum Castle Amphora Video

This 2 minute Amphora video was shot at Bodrum Castle and includes a the Amphora exhibition at the beginning of the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology Tour

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Emily’s trip to Bodrum’s oldest Hamam: Bardakçı Turkish Bath

Emily and Rob visited Bodrum’s oldest Turkish Bath, the Bardakci Hamam. Read this guest post about their experience, and see photo’s of the Turkish Bath interior.

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Photo Gallery Glass Blower at the Beach

This photo gallery is of my encounter with an Istanbul glass blower who spends his summer in Yahsi at the beach. As we chatted, he made some blue glass tear bottles and served me tea and stories of his life.

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Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Contents

Want to know what type of content is contained within my Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide? Here’s a summary of the 4 different sections, and the topics they cover.

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Emily & Rob Explore Kos, Greece

Emily & Rob took a ferry from Bodrum to Kos and spent few days touring this Greek Island, here’s some of Emily’s photos and links to the itinerary inspiration over on her Emily Style Blog.

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Turkish Visitors Visa for UK Citizens

A 90-day visitors visa is issued to British Citizens on arrival at the port of entry. Cost: £10 (English notes only).

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How to apply for an E-Visa for Turkey

Turkey now offers an on-line application process to receive an E-Visa for Turkey. This article has links to the official website, and well as Step by Step Screen Shots of the online application process. Find out how much a Visa Costs and how you apply.

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Direct Ferries Booking Agent

Direct Ferries is a Booking agent for Turkish Sealines, Anek Lines, Dodekanisos Seaways & Blue Star Ferries, which connect Bodrum and the Dodecanese Greek Islands. This page includes links to the timetables and latest pricing for any journeys operated by these four companies.

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Ashtanga Yoga Holiday Gümüşlük

The annual SYL Ashtanga Yoga Holiday returns again to Gümüşlük, with combines the ability to nurture a yoga practice with a relaxing holiday. Here’s the dates and pricing for both of their week-long retreats to the Hotel Gumusluk.

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A video glimpse at Gümüşlük’s past

These two Gümüşlük videos are by Algis Kemezys. In one he walks across the ancient sunken pathway leading to Rabbit Island, and in the other he wanders along the ancient walls and back roads to discover the ruins of the ancient hamam.

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Welcome to Bodrum

Bodrum Town is a year round destination and the “capital” of the Bodrum Peninsula. No matter which part of the peninsula you’re staying in, chances are you’ll visit it at least once. This Welcome page includes a summary of the local history, things to see and do, as well as links to some suggested itineraries and a free Quick Reference Travel Guide for Bodrum.

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