Ortakent-Yahşi Belediye Cafe

Mid way between the Ortakent and Yahsi beaches is the Marina, water inlet and craft stalls. Adjacent to here is the local Belediye Cafe where you can enjoy the view and inexpensive food and drink. Here’s a couple of photo’s of the cafe along with a snapshot of the menu and pricing.

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Photo Gallery of Tony Traipsing Around Türkbükü

Photo Gallery of Tony’s walk around Turkbuku bay, from the harbour in the south, to the glitzy hotels on the northern coastline, and the beach in between.

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Sue’s visit to the Bodrum Windmills

Sue’s Guest Post: Bodrum’s windmills line up along the side of a steep hill near Bardakçı, separating Bodrum and Gumbet Bays. From a vantage point at the top, panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the Greek Island of Kos are spectacular!

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Video of Close Shave at Iassos Harbour

This barber gave a very comfortable shave. His shop is located in the harbour of Kiyikislacik, a small village on the ruins of ancient city of Iassos. After you go sightseeing how about lunch at the harbour and a close shave?

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Photo Gallery of Limon Cafe Gümüşlük

On our last trip to the Gumusluk area we took two trips to the Limon Cafe. It’s a perfect location to watch the sunset. Whether you want to sit in the cozy bar area, or find a spot in the garden, this restaurant is located in a tranquil setting.

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Tips about Riding the Dolmuş

A list of tips & a video about riding a Dolmus mini-bus during your holiday in Turkey. It’s a great way to get around the Bodrum Peninsula at a low cost.

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Sue discovers Bodrum Art

Local artist Neslihan Zabci Erdal has a studio in Ortakent and she invited me to visit. Neslihan’s studio offers mosaic workshops in the summer

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Bodrum’s Kizilhisarli Mustafa Pasa Mosque

Mustafa Pasa Cami – this Bodrum Mosque is affectionately known as the Old Mosque, and is location near Bodrum Castle and Marina.

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Highlights of Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

This is one of the most famous landmarks in Bodrum, and is housed in the Castle of Saint John, which was built in the beginning of 15th century by the Knights Hospitaller. It is a unique place, especially for travellers with interest in history. The museum is centrally located in Bodrum, just a few steps away from the water’s edge and the marina.

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Photo Gallery of Victoria’s Restaurant, Gümüşlük

A photo gallery of Victoria’s near Gumusluk in the Koyunbaba area. It’s a little off the beaten path, but well worth the detour. As well as a restaurant and bar, there’s horse riding, a beach, an above ground pool and regular entertainment, all topped off with a wonderful atmosphere.

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Video of Akyarlar Bay (& the dolmus ride there)




This 7 minute Video starts off with a dolmus ride to Akyarlar with the views you pass along the way. Once you arrive in Akyarlar, enjoy the sights of the bay and harbour area — with some great footage of the fisherman.

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Amphora at Bodrum Castle

Take a tour of Bodrum Castle, and you’ll see your fair share of Amphora. They come in all shapes and sizes, and this article provides you with a little bit of background about these vessels used to transport cargo in ancient times.

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