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Links to Blogs and Websites

If you’re visiting the Bodrum Peninsula, or interested in Turkey as a holiday location, here’s some links to my Website Reference pages.

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 Bodrum Information on other Websites, Blogs & Forums

This page includes links to all of the websites, blogs and forum that include information about the Bodrum Peninsula.

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 Turkey Visitor Information

Other websites covering other areas of Turkey.

Information about Turkey’s Official Tourism Portal


If you have a website or blog that is complementary to my Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide, please contact me

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  1. Rowan Dordick

    I am looking for photos of Gumusluk from the late 1960s, especially the summer of 1968. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have any.

    1. Roving Jay

      Here’s a video from You Tube which has loads of old b&w photos on it, but I’m not sure from what era.

      1. Rowan Dordick

        Thank you Roving Jay. Many of these are from an earlier vintage but I appreciate you posting the video.

        1. Roving Jay

          No problem

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