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Southern End of the Gümüşlük Beach Photo Gallery

Southern end of Gümüşlük Beach, Beach & Headland Gumusluk Bodrum TurkeySouthern end of Gümüşlük Beach

I visited the southern end of Gümüşlük Beach to capture the scenery and nearby businesses, and have segmented the photos into mini-galleries. If you haven’t had a chance to visit this area yet, these images will put this tip of the beach in context for you.

Don’t be concerned that it looks pretty deserted in some of the shots – most were taken during an early morning stroll around the area, before it got too hot. This is actually one of my favourite times of the day to explore different neighbourhoods.

Arriving via road to Club Hotel Zemda Photo Gallery

Beach & Water Sports Area adjacent to Club Hotel Zemda Photo Gallery

For more information about Club Hotel Zemda and the adjacent Water Sport facility on Gümüşlük Beach, follow these links:

Buildings & Beach next door to the Water Sports Area

Headland Hiking at the Southern End of the Beach

I’m not sure how far this headland is accessible. When I was taking photos, I saw a couple of off-road cyclists coming off the trail, and they said they’d come from the direction of Kadikalesi.

Dusk at Hotel Club Zemda

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