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Our BPTG journey:

Neale and Jay Bodrum 2008

Neale and Jay during our first trip to Bodrum in 2008

We discovered Turkey as a destination in 2008.

I’m a Planner – so before I go anywhere, I like to pour over guide books, and surf the web for hours looking at information, reviews and pictures. I find this part of the process exciting, was disappointed that there was so little written and shared about the Bodrum Peninsula.

When we first started visiting Bodrum I found it really difficult to source online information about all of the interesting places on the Bodrum Peninsula, so I started to gather information by visiting places for myself and talking to local residents.

What started out as hand-written notes and map sketches and literaly thousands of photographs for my own reference, eventually morphed into this travel blog so that I could share my discoveries with a wider audience.

I didn’t start out wanting to be a travel blogger, it just evolved. And now that I’ve started I can’t stop!

Over the years I have started to package the tourist information I’ve collected into a few different formats. Now you can download free Quick Reference Travel Guides or buy my local travel guide ebooks.

Free Quick Reference Travel Guides

In 2012 I started publishing Quick Reference Travel Guides for the different destinations around the Bodrum Peninsula. These are perfect for printing out or downloading to your mobile device, and are so popular, that the next logical step was a Bodrum Peninsula Guide Book.

Bodrum Quick Reference Travel Guide

Bodrum Quick Reference Travel Guide

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide eBook

In May 2013, I published an 70,000 word ebook which is available on Amazon (and a selection of other e-book retailers) called “The Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide: Turkey’s Aegean Gem”. This guide is aimed an independent travellers who want to step off the beaten and well-worn tourist path and discover what the local area has to offer.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Turkey's Aegean Delight 2016

Updated version for 2016

Gumusluk Travel Guide eBook

The following year I published “The Gumusluk Travel Guide: Bodrum’s Silver Lining”, an 40,000 word in-depth ebook guide to one of the areas best locations.

Gumusluk Travel Guide New Cover

Now that I’ve moved to Gümüşlük full-time, both travel guides are in the process of being updated, and I’m releasing my Bodrum Peninsula Travel guide in Paperback, and I have a Day Trippers Guide to Bodrum in the works.

Turkey Tales, A Bodrum Travel Memoir in Verse

I’ve created this collection of travel inspired poetry to draw you into Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula. After writing travel guides about the area, I wanted to show the personal side of the location I now call home. My poetry writing style is designed as an easy read (think Joseph Hilaire Pierre René Belloc). The rhymes should trip off your tongue and embed in your brain. I’ve created lines that will stick in your memory banks and come to you in a flash, much like the words of a favourite song.

Turkey Tales A Bodrum Travel Memoir in Verse Jay Artale

Buy on Amazon

About Me

Roving Jay's new Logo 2012

I’m originally from the flatlands and big skies of rural Norfolk in eastern England, and split my time between Los Angeles, UK and Turkey. In 2015, I left a 17 year corporate career as a Global Supply Chain Executive to go freelance. In my new role as a content marketer, I combine my strategic approach to problem solving with extensive project management expertise. I have also launched an Indie Press where I work with other authors to publish travel guides and non-fiction books.

You can follow me on my Bodrum Travel Guide Facebook Fan page at

Content Collaboration

Top 5 in Less Than 50 Logo for Bodrum Peninsula Travel GuideI network with expat’s and locals living in the area, to tap into their travel knowledge – so that I have well-rounded content, and I can present a cross-section of viewpoints and opinions.

An example of this are the guest blogs for the recommendations and tips contained in the “Top 5 tips for the Bodrum Peninsula in Less than 50 words” blog posts.

PHOTOGRAPHY on this Site

iphoto gallery iconI love photography, and nearly all of the photo’s on this site were taken by me.  Occasionally, when I write about topics but don’t have a relevant picture to accompany it, I’ll source a photo from the web.  I always credit the source of web-based photo’s, using a copyright line at the end of the post.

Some posts only feature photo galleries, and you can view all photo gallery posts by Clicking on the Photo Gallery.

VIDEOs on this Site

BPTG_video_icon_smallIf you see this logo in the upper right hand corner of a post, it means that there’s a video link further down the page.  Where possible these links are embedded from You Tube, but if the source of the video is another site, the page will include an active link to the site.

You can click on this Video Logo, to view all of the posts which include a video.

Some posts only feature a video and not text, and you can view all video posts by Clicking on the Video Gallery.

PODCASTs on this Site

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Podcast

In 2013 I started podcasting, and the podcast players are embedded in this site. Each podcast has it’s own companion page with links to more information on a similar topic. 

Listen to all of my podcasts on this website, just Click on the Podcast Gallery to view all of the podcasts available.

You can also visit Podomatic to view all of my Podcasts, or you can visit the online iTunes player to listen to them there.


On the iTunes page, you can also subscribe to my podcast via iTunes.

Click on this link to visit my Contact Me Page

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