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Exploring Ortakent-Yahşi Beach

Yashi Beach Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

The sister beaches of Ortakent-Yahşi

Ortakent-Yahşi Beach has one of the longest strips of beach on the peninsula, and is popular with families.  In the peak summer months the beach is packed with beach loungers, which are serviced by waiters from the local restaurants and hotels – which means, that once you’ve plotted up on the beach, you don’t have to move very far!

Ortakent Yashi Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Ortakent and Yahşi are separate towns, but are part of the same municipality.  Both towns have an inland and beach location, and because the Ortakent and Yahşi beaches are a continuation of each other, you’ll see them referred to as Ortakent-Yahşi Beach.

My visit to the Ortakent-Yahşi Beach

I drove to the Ortakent end of Ortakent-Yahşi Beach and parked near the Dolmuş station, and then walked between some shops and restaurants to reach the beach.  The two beach photo’s above, show the view that was waiting for me.


  • The photo below is the Easterly view looking towards the Ortakent end of the beach:

Ortakent Beach Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

  • The photo below is the Westerly view of the Yahşi end of the beach
Yashi Beach Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

The water looked pretty shallow near the beach, and there was a nice breeze cooling down the hot summer day. If you decide you want a walk to explore the coastline, head west (right) until you reach the end of Yahşi Beach, and climb up a small hill, to reach Kargi bay, which is a quieter and sandier than Ortakent-Yahşi Beach, and leads to Camel Beach.



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