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Welcome to the Best of Gündoğan

Gundogan Beach, Bodrum Peninsula TurkeyIntroduction to Gündoğan

Gündoğan is an active fishing town, also known for sponge diving and for the array of olive and citrus groves. It’s a lot more peaceful and laid back than the bigger towns, and even though it has a thriving tourist trade, it still exists as one of the unspoilt corners of the peninsula.

We’ve visited here for day trips, to sunbathe on the jetties and wander around the town.

The hillsides in this area of the peninsula are shrouded in pine trees, and give Gündoğan a different vibe than some of the more barren looking parts of the peninsula.  These hillsides are perfect for hiking and to explore the area for Leleg ruins.  There are many different trails to choose from, depending on how adverturous you are.

If you’re not feeling quite that energetic, why not spend your day chilling on the long expanse of sandy beach in the centre of the bay, or on one of the sunbathing jetties that circle the sides of the bay.

Gundogan beach and mosque with motor boat, Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Either of these vantage points is perfect for watching the small boats and gullets drifting lazily around the bay. Or watching the action as a windsurfer does battle with their sail.

The Gündoğan nightlife tends to be pretty low key.  An evening’s festivities is more likely to be spent at one of the restaurants or cafes that circle the bay, lingering over an evening meal, whilst you drink in the view (and your tipple of choice).


  • Historically, it was known as Farilya, today it’s referred to as Gündoğan, meaning “sunrise”
  • The ancient Lelegian city of Madnasa is nearby, and ancient rock formations to the east of the town are still visible


Getting There

  • If you are driving to Gündoğan, you can reach it from either the Torba or Yalikavak road
  • Gundogan Dolmus Station, Bodrum Peninsula TurkeyIt takes about 25-30 minutes to get from Gündoğan to Bodrum by dolmuş and in summer they run every half hour between 6.30am through to 5am. (~Fare 5TL)
  • There is also a bus that runs between Göl-Türkbükü and Turgutreis, stopping at to Gündoğan, Yalikavak, Gümüşlük.  This service frequency varies (every 30-60 minutes) in the summer.  End to End service takes about and hour.  Gündoğan to Turgutreis takes about 45 minutes.  This service doesn’t run late into the evening, check at the dolmus station for the time of the last bus.
  • The dolmuş to Gündoğan brings you via a road near the pine forests. You’ll pass through the upper village, with a view of the ancient rock formations on the right, then through citrus gardens towards the lower village, to the coastal zone of Gündoğan, consisting of two bays: Gündoğan Bay (the larger one), and Küçükbuk (the small bay) about 15 minutes to the east
  • From the main dolmuş station, there’s a road opposite that leads to the jetties overlooking the bay.  Or you can walk along the main road and head into the beach. It’s only a small town and you can’t really get lost.
  • Taxis are available 24 hours in Gündoğan both at the otogar (bus station) and also down in the square.

Gundogan Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Things to do


  • Weekly Market: Wednesday
  • Craft & Souvenir Stalls: Daily along the beach path


  • There are two small islands across from the bay, and all of the day boat departures from Gündoğan include them on their route.
  • Apostol Island (aka Tavşan Adasi/Rabbit Island):  Known for a ruined Byzantine church, which dates back to the 9th Century AD.
  • Fener (Lighthouse) island

Insider Track

Guest Blogger Anne has a rental property in Gündoğan, and wrote the following set of articles about her local knowledge of the area for us:

Quick Reference Travel Guide

Gundogan Front Cover of QRTG Bodrum Peninsula Turkey


View larger map


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