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Welcome to the Best of Geriş and Gerişaltı

Geris Village Yalikavak Bodrum Peninsula TurkeyIntroduction to Geriş and  Gerişaltı 

Like many of the small towns on the Bodrum Peninsula, Geriş village is comprised of 2 seperate and distinct areas:

Geriş, is a sleeply village situated in the hills above Yalıkavak and Gerişaltı (Lower Geriş) is known for the vast array of fish restaurants that hug the coastline, and is often mistaken as an extension of Yalikavak Town. These two halves of the same village are about 3km apart.


  • If you travel along the coast road between Yalıkavak and Gümüşlük, you’ll pass through Gerişaltı (Lower Geriş), and then shortly after the last restaurant in the row, you’ll see a road forking off to the left to Geriş.
  • Approximate distances to Gerişaltı:
  • Add another 3km onto these for the approximate distance to Geriş.

Getting to Geriş

  • On the road between Yalikavak and  Gümüşlük, the Geriş village turning is signposted, and you can follow the winding road up the hillside, to arrive at the Geriş village square.

Geris Village Yalikavak Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

  • Most of the dolmuş services that travel the western coast road out of Yalıkavak will pass through Gerişaltı. There is also a dolmuş service from Yalıkavak to Geriş.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, you can hike up to Geriş. On the road to Gumuskaya, just past the Olive Tree restaurant, there is a left hand turning near the bend.  A wide grass track takes you down through the valley, and then there’s a rough climb up the other side of the valley to Geriş.

Things to do in Geriş

Geris Village Yalikavak Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Geris, Yalikavak, Bodrum Turkey
  • Wander around the narrow winding lanes of this quaint and quiet village
Geris near Yalikavak, Bodrum Turkey

Things to do in Gerişaltı

The road that runs through town is a cobbled street, and there is a vast selection of restaurants lining the waters edge, and there are more on the land-side of the street, as well as a collection of arts, craft and quaint souvenir shops.


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