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Watercolours of Bodrum by Faruk Köksal

Bodrum Windmill at Sunset Watercolour by FarukTreasure Hunt

I spend a lot of my time at the screen and keyboard, surfing the web looking for inspiration.  One of my recent surfing trips turned into a treasure hunt.  It started with a Irish Art link on Facebook, and after a few degrees of separation and multiple forward-links, I found myself at Fine Art America admiring Bodrum Watercolours – all without the aid of map or compass.

The watercolours were a great discovery.  I’ve dabbled in all artistic mediums — you name it, and I’ve painted or drawn with it.  I think the creative process is amazing, and wish I could create watercolours like these — they’re truly beguiling.

Watercolour of Windmills and Boats Bodrum Turkey

I love the loose style, and with watercolour, what you leave out is as important as what you include. It allows the viewer to “fill in the blanks” and use their imagination to let the artwork transport them to another realm.

Watercolour of Bodrum Windmills and Bay

I’m so pleased that Faruk has graciously allowed me to showcase his artwork here.

Introducing the Artist:

Photo of Faruk from Istanbul Turkey

Faruk Köksal is a graduate of Istanbul University, where he studied Journalism.

In his earlier years, his primary and high school teachers encouraged him to start painting.  Whilst developing his skills, he chose to focus on watercolour techniques, which requires quick application – and doesn’t accept failure during the creation.

Faruk’s first personal exhibition was in 2009. He paints in his own studio, where he uses naivety, mystery and romance of the watercolour in order to depict Turkey’s cultural and touristic attractions.

Watercolour of Bodrum Castle, Turkey


Click on this Fine Art America Logo to view more of Faruk’s watercolours.

This is not a Sponsored link. I’m sharing this artwork because it’s beautiful and it should be shared

Faruk’s artwork beguiles me… what does it do for you?


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