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Virtual Tour of Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

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If you’re a planner who likes to research a destination before you visit it, this 360 Virtual Tour site is for you.  It’s an innovative way to familiarize yourself with terrain and proximity of the destinations on the Bodrum Peninsula, and is a great starting point for planning your next trip to the Bodrum area.

Visit the Mekan360 Tour of the Bodrum Peninsula

Use their embedded Google map to select a location, and take a Virtual Tour of Bodrum

Drag the map image to relocate the view to other towns and villages on the Bodrum Peninsula.  The majority of locations shown in 360 are primarily on the southern part of the peninsula, but many of the other locations like Turgutreis, Gümüşlük, Yalikavak and Geriş are also featured.

Planning a trip

When I’m preparing to go on holiday, I read vicariously to make sure I’m not going to overlook a must-see historical site, or miss having my breath taken away by a memorable vista. So I plan, and familiarize myself with the local area and landscape. This gives me an idea of how I’m going to spend my time.

That doesn’t mean I arrive at the airport with an itinerary cast in stone.  I just like having a framework that provides me with enough local information to deliver some eventful and inspirational days, but also allows me the flexibility to experience some spur-of-the moment discoveries.

Let’s face it, if you’re only on holiday for 7 days, you have to make each and every one of those days count.


Have fun exploring!

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