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The Best of Turgutreis Beaches

Turgutreis hilltop sign, TurkeySpoilt for choice

With distances ranging from:  On-the-doorstep to 10km away – there are over 5km of sandy beaches in the Municipality of Turgurtreis, and many are populated with waterfront bars and restaurants. With westerly vistas, these beaches make an ideal location for watching the sun slip down past the horizon, accompanied by an chilled glass of Efes. The summary of the beaches below, will take you on a journey of all the beaches considered to be part of the Turgutreis municipality.  Your journey will start at the closest beach to Turgetreis Town Centre and take you to the furthest one.

For More Information

Each beach summary below includes a link to take you to the location on Wikimapia; a link to other pages on this website that are focused on that specific location, and the text in grey provides you with the directions for traveling from one beach to the next.

Location of the Different Beaches

Location of Turgutreis Municipality Beaches Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Introduction to Turgutreis beaches

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(1)> Günbatımı Plajı

Günbatımı Beach Turgutreis, Turkey

LOCATION:  View Gümbatımı Beach on Wikimapia

Summary: This is the closest beach to Turgutreis town center, with all of the amenities of the town at your doorstep.  You don’t have to very far for refreshments, and if you fancy a break from sunbathing, you can wander into the warren of tourist shops just by the mosque. More Information:

Directions: Driving south out of Turgutries and away from Gümbatımı Beach, you’ll pass the Marina, then the Sabanci Park.  A couple of turns past where where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Blvd and Turgut Ozal Cd. converge will bring you to Palamut Beach (~4.5 km from Turgutreis Town Centre)

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(2)> Palamut Beach

Palamut Beach Turgutreis Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

LOCATION:  View Palamut Beach on Wikimapia

Summary: Although a segment of this beach is designated as private by the Golden Beach Hotel, you can still visit Palamut Beach for a panoramic view of the Turkish Islands huddled together in the distance.  This part of the peninsula seems a little exposed to me, and is better suited to walking along, rather than sunbathing on. More Information:

Directions: Continue South, and you’ll round the blunt-corner of the peninsula where Fener (Adekelesi Huseyin) Lighthouse sits. The next beach after the Lighthouse is Fener Beach (~5.2 km from Turgutreis Town Centre).

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(3)> Fener Beach (aka Kemer)

Fener Lighthouse and Beach in Turgutreis, Turkey from a boat

LOCATION: View Fener Beach on Wikimapia

SummaryFener Beach (also referred to as Kemer Beach) is a big windsurfing and kite-surfing meeting point, because, like Palamut, it is on an exposed segment of the coastline.  Just round the bend past the Lighthouse, you can pull off the road to access the beach, where you’ll find a restaurant, also called, Fener Beach. More Information:

Directions: After the Lighthouse, the road veers inland a little, as you navigate around the ocean fronted Hotel Tansel, Club Armonia and the Malama Beach Hotel.  As soon as you get back onto the coastal segment of the road, you will be nose-to-nose with Kos.  Follow the road as it curves upwards along the coastline, and you’ll travel along the road that sweeps past Meteor Beach. (~7 km from Turgutreis Town Centre)

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(4)> Meteoroloji (Meteor) Beach

Meteor Beach, Turgutreis from a Boat in Turkey

LOCATION: View Meteor Beach on Wikimapia

Summary: Nestled in the first bay on this Southern tip of the peninsula, Meteor beach is usually the first stop on the Southern Tour daily boat trips leaving Turgutreis.  As you navigate this part of the peninsula, you’ll begin to have a great view of Kos.  The first time I traveled to this area, I was surprised as how close this Greek Island is. More Information:

Directions: Continue through Akçabük.  Straight ahead is the Resort of Xanadu Island, but if you take the sharp left hand bend you’ll start running parallel to Akçabük Beach (~7.5km from Turgutreis Town Centre)

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(5)> Akçabük Beach

Akcabuk Beach Turgutreis Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

LOCATION: View Akçabük Beach on Wikimapia

Summary: Akçabük Beach is shaped like a 3-sided box, and has just ~300 meters of sandy beach.  This location is also great for viewing Kos, especially at night. More Information:

Directions: Once past Akçabük, the road hugs the coastline again, and as you round the bend, you’ll see Akyarlar Marina and Village (~8.5km from Turgutreis Town Centre)

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(6)> Akyarlar Beach

Akyarlar Beach, Turgutreis from the road, Turkey

LOCATION:  View Akyarlar Beach on Wikimapia

Summary: In this corner of the Peninsula, Akyarlar has the most to offer as a destination.  As well as the beach, bars and restaurants, there’s a small weekly market, and a few shops. Whilst no where near as touristy and well visited as say Gümüşlük, this is a good stopping off point if you’re touring around the Bodrum Peninsula. More Information:

Directions: As you draw level with the Marina, the road veers inland again, and you’ll travel through Akyarlar’s narrow streets and up the hill.  The next few km are inland, and if you don’t know it’s there, you could drive right past Karaincir Beach (~9.5km from Turgutreis Town Centre)

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(7)> Karaincir Beach

Karaincir Beach, Turgutreis, Turkey

LOCATION:  View Karaincir Beach on Wikimapia

Summary: Since both sides of this easterly facing bay are surrounded by two hills, it’s sheltered from the winds that can whip around this part of the peninsula, and the waters in front of this 500m sandy beach, are really calm. More Information:

Directions: About a km after the turn off leading to Karaincir Beach, you’ll join the coastline again, and will see a very small island just off the coast, and just past that you’ll see Aspat Hill in front of you, and in it’s shadow (figuratively, not literally!) will be Aspat Beach (~11.6km from Turgutreis Town Centre), the last stop on this Tour of Turgutreis Municipality beaches.

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(8)> Aspat Beach

Aspat Beach from a Boat in TurkeyLOCATION:  Visit Aspat Beach on Wikimapia

Summary: Aspat Beach was known as a shelter for Genoese pirates (Aspat cave is also nearby), but is now home to the Temera Beach resort, with a focus on the arts. Stop off at Aspat Beach if you’re in the mood to hike, and you can visit the ancient ruins that pepper Aspat Hill. More Information:

Directions: The coastline continues, and is dotted with bays and beaches and you continue your journey towards Bodrum. But is this is the End of the Road for beaches considered to be within the municipality of Turgutreis.

Quick Reference Travel Guide for Turgutreis Beaches

The above summary of Turgutreis beaches has been so popular, I decided to create a Quick Reference Travel Guide of Turgutreis Beaches.  You can print this out to take with you, or save it to your mobile device.

Front and Back cover of Turgutreis Beaches Quick Reference Travel Guide Turkey


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Note:  There can never be too many beach photo’s on a travel site.  So if you have photo’s of any of these beaches, feel free to contact me, so that I can include them here. © Akçabük Beach and Günbatımı photo by Yildirim Enes © Palamut Beach by Turgutreis Belediyesi

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    As this is one of the most visited pages on my site, I’m going to be creating a Quick Reference Travel Guide for the Beaches of Turgutreis. If you want to be notified of it’s publication, use the Free Travel Guides link at the top of this page to join the mailing list. thanks, Jay
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