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Torba Dolmuş Service

Torba Beach, Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Torba Dolmuş Service

There are various dolmuş services from Bodrum to Torba, and depending on the final destination there are different local pick up and drop of destinations.

If you’re on one of the Bodrum buses that continues onto Turkbuku, the bus will drop you off at the main road that runs past Torba.

Torba Beach, Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

If you’re aboard the Torba-only bound bus, it’ll swoop into Torba near the Voyage Torba Resort, and then continue north to the Torba Boat Harbour.

Torba Beach, Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

The dolmus ride between Bodrum and Torba is only about 15 minutes, and it runs every 10-15 minutes. In the peak summer months the dolmus service runs until 5am. So you can plan a wild evening out in Bodrum, and hop on the dolmus back to Torba.Torba Beach, Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Traffic runs along the Torba harbour road at restricted times. Outside of these hours, each end of the road has a barrier to stop vehicles, but the route is still accessible to pedestrians.

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