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Top 5 Eating Experiences on the Bodrum Peninsula


Top 5 eating experiences on the Bodrum peninsula:

Thanks to Dave, and the EatinBodrum.com team, for the first “Waxing Lyrical” Top 5 guest post.

Starting with a Turkish breakfast, and ending up with one of Gümüşlük’s reknowned fish suppers, this post walks you thorough some enticing dining options, accompanied with local restaurant recommendations.

Starting The Morning

You can’t beat a traditional Turkish breakfast for a great morning dining experience. Comprising home-made cheeses, jams, breads, olives, tomatoes.. the list goes on. When they ask how you want your eggs, make sure your answer is “Menemen”.

e.g. Zeytin Altı, Yalikavak (http://eatinbodrum.com/zeytin-alti)

Lunchtime With The Locals

If you’re stuck for lunch, why not dine with the locals at a Lokanta? Browse a healthy selection of freshly prepared soups, salads, and hearty main courses.

e.g., Kısmet Lokantası, Konacık (http://eatinbodrum.com/kismet-lokantasi)

Street Food (Turkish Snacks and Fast Food)

Around Bodrum Centre you’ll find street sellers offering everything from delicious “Döner ekmek” (döner meat served in half a loaf of bread) to “Kumpir” (jacket potatoes). But venture into a Börek evi, and you’ll be lost in a world of Gözleme (Turkish pancake), Pide (Turkish pizza),  Börek  (savoury pastries) and often Mantı (Turkish ravioli). If you have time stop somewhere like Kırçiçeği which – while not street food as such, offers a huge selection of these in a restaurant environment.

e.g. Kırçiçeği, Konacık (http://eatinbodrum.com/kircicegi)

Simple Food Done Well

A ‘Meyhane’ is a traditional Turkish bar or restaurant. In Bodrum’s busy Meyhane Sokak, there are plenty to choose from and there is a lively atmosphere whatever night you go. Dining is simple; pick from a large selection of hot and cold mezes, then (if you are still hungry) stroll next-door to a fishmongers to pick out your main course.

e.g. Meyhane Evgenia, Bodrum Centre (http://eatinbodrum.com/meyhane-evgenia)

Fish Supper

A visit to the Bodrum Peninsula isn’t complete without a relaxing seafood meal, and arguably the best place for this is in Gümüşlük, where you can dine right at the water’s edge and enjoy the tastes of the Aegean.

e.g. Gümüşcafe, Gümüşlük (http://eatinbodrum.com/gumuscafe)


For additional restaurant recommendations, why not head over to the Eat in Bodrum website and search for a restaurant by name or criteria.  The Restaurant Finder features allows you to search by Budget, Cuisine, Feature (i.e. romatic, Live Music etc.), Location, and whether it’s a seasonal or year-round restaurant.

If you find a restaurant you know, why not leave a review.  And if you know of a restaurant that isn’t listed, navigate to their contact page and fill in the Suggest a Restaurant form.  This collaboration will help to make eatinbodrum.com the go-to place for dining recommendations on the Bodrum Peninsula.

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  1. Stefanie

    Oh, found you through Carols blog. I’ve should known your site last year – we were to Bodrum and I LOVED it. Such a beautiful region. Will have a look around and dream of being there:-)
    Stefanie recently posted..If I won the lottery – FridayMy Profile

  2. https://www.bodrumpeninsulatravelguide.co.uk

    Stafanie — hope you’re enjoying you’re virtual stroll through the Bodrum area to reminisce, thanks for stopping by.
    Roving Jay recently posted..Return to Limon Cafe, GümüşlükMy Profile

  3. Selim

    “Sakiz Ana” is definitely worth trying out, just opposite the Yahsi Yali road.
    The best home made Sulu Yemek, lunch only.

  4. https://www.bodrumpeninsulatravelguide.co.uk

    Hi Selim thanks for the tip… I checked their website out , it looks like a great place for traditional home cooking.
    Roving Jay recently posted..Return to Limon Cafe, GümüşlükMy Profile

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