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Bodrum Itinerary Inspiration: Into the Past

No matter how much time you have to devote, there’s a variety of options to build your ideal Bodrum Itinerary. Do you want to fill an hour, or devote a whole day to delving into Bodrum past?

Whether you want buildings or ships; renovated architecture or ancient wonder ruins; or a good old nose around the former residence of Turkey’s equivalent to Liberace, all are accessible and within easy walking distance of Bodrum town centre, or a short dolmus ride away.

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Index Page: Bodrum Itinerary Ideas

This is the Home Page for the Bodrum Itinerary Inspirations pages. Whether you want delve into Bodrum’s History with a culture immersion itinerary; bury your head in a book or and relax by the water, or practice your haggling skills during a mammoth shopping expedition – Bodrum has it all on offer. It’s also an ideal location to use as a jumping-off point to explore the rest of the peninsula.

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Ina’s Top 5 Bodrum Spots to Visit

Guest Blogger Ina shares her Top 5 Bodrum picks with us. It includes a trip to a Turkish Bath, as well as a trip to a Castle, Island, Beach and Museum. This varied itinerary will provide you with a great introduction to the Turkish Culture.

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Welcome to the Best of Bodrum

Bodrum Town is a year round destination and the “capital” of the Bodrum Peninsula. No matter which part of the peninsula you’re staying in, chances are you’ll visit it at least once. This Welcome page includes a summary of the local history, things to see and do, as well as links to some suggested itineraries and a free Quick Reference Travel Guide for Bodrum.

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Bodrum’s Zeki Müren Museum

Zeki Müren was a prominent Turkish singer, composer & actor, famous for his compelling voice. His Bodrum house is now an Art Museum, and is a worthy off-the-beaten track destination.

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Video of Zeki Muren Museum in Bodrum



Take a Virtual Tour of the Zeki Muren Museum in Bodrum, curtesy of this You Tube Video.

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