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Welcome to the Best of Kadikalesi

Located mid-way between Gümüşlük and Turgutreis, this off-the-beaten track destination offers an oasis of calm. Although there are a couple of resorts in the area, the local beach retains is rural charm, and is within walking distance of it’s nearby neighbours. We like stopping off here on our way to Turgutreis.

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Roundup of Water Sports in Gümüşlük

Articles and Photo Gallery of Water Sports in Gümüşlük. Kayak the bay, learn to windsurf or take a seat for a leisurely fish. There’s lots of Bodrum beach activities to keep you entertained and busy in Gümüşlük.

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Looking for the Quiet Side of Kadikalesi Beach

The beach in Kadikalesi, on the northern coastline of the Bodrum Peninsula, is an erratic mix of resorts with wooden jetties and food and beverages services. But squeezed between the Kadikale Resort and Turgutreis, are laid-back areas of beach where you can chill-out.

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Welcome to the Best of Torba Bay

If the Summer madness of Bodrum town centre is overwhelming, and you need a quick escape to a local beach, (but have a desire to avoid Gumbet at all costs), head for Torba. It’s close enough for a half-day jaunt, and will feed your adventurous spirit.

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Welcome to the Best of Ortakent-Yahşi Beach

Welcome to Ortakent-Yahşi Beach is a comprehensive home page, and provides you with a glimpse of what to expect along this area of the coastline. Get to know the different beach areas here, so you can head to your ideal spot, because the Ortakent end of the beach varies dramatically from the Yahsi end.

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3 Bodrum Scuba Diving Videos

Here’s three Bodrum Scuba Diving Videos (totally 22 minutes of Dive exploits). There are multiple dive companies in the Bodrum Area, if you fancy diving on your next trip to Turkey.

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Exploring Gümüşlük Bay in a Sea Kayak

My usual level of holiday activity is constrained to lifting a glass of wine, while seated. But I stepped out of my comfort zone, and rented a sea kayak during a trip to Gümüşlük, and liked it so much that I went again the following week.

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Aqua Pro Wreck Dive Photo Album

Dave went on a wreck dive with Aqua Pro in Bitez, and this is his fabulous collection of underwater photos. Thanks for sharing Dave!

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Fishing Trip from Torba

If you fancy a day out on a fishing boat, you can arrange an excursion from one of the towns on the peninsula, or head to Torba and book directly. Boats leave from the fishing boat harbour, and fishing equipment and tackle are provided.

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AquaPro Diving in Bitez

There’s only one local diving centre located in Bitez and that’s AquaPro Diving. It’s located at the jetty past the day boat harbour on the left side of Bitez Bay, and is an ideal casting off point for visiting the majority of Bodrum’s top dive sites.

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Bitez Water Sports

You don’t need to travel to the towns like Bodrum & Turgutreis to take a Boat trip. Visit Bitez, which is also an ideal location for all types of water sports.

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Okaliptus Water Sports in Bitez

In the centre of Bitez Bay is Okaliptus Water Sports, which includes a Banana Boat, Ringos, Parasailing, Wakeboarding, Jet Skiing and Water Skiing.

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