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Peksimet Windmill Photo Gallery

On the road from Ortakent to Gümüşlük, as you drive through Peksimet, you get a great view of four abandoned windmills along the ridge.

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Yalikavak Windmills & MMK Yeldeğirmeni Cafe

Yalikavak Windmills & MMK Yeldeğirmeni Cafe are nestled in the hills above Yalikavak. There’s a trio of windmills, one of which has been fully renovated and taking advantage of the view is a restaurant/cafe that is open all day and serves a Turkish breakfast.

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The Great Sarniç Hunt on the Bodrum Peninsula

Want to know where to find and photograph the Sarniç’s on the Bodrum Peninsula? Visit this great Sarniç site, which not only has a vast collection of photographs, but also includes the location of each Sarniç.

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Father & Son build the Doga Cafe Koyunababa

The Doga Cafe is small cafe just up the road from the new Migros on the main Gumusluk to Yalikavak Road. It’s family run, and offers a good selection of home-cooked Turkish specialities. They also post the Dolmus timetable to Yalikavak.

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Bodrum’s Mausoleum, Castle & Museum

The ruins of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus were scavenged for building materials for Bodrum castle. One of Bodrum’s most stunning sights was built to the detriment of the city’s oldest and most famous site.

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Water Cisterns of Konacık

Bodrum’s neighbour, Konacik, are investing in their heritage by restoring 10 Water Cisterns to their former glory. Great to see the local municipality are restoring their historical landmarks to their former glory.

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Wooden Sculpture Gallery near Gündoğan

As you travel the road between Gündoğan and Göl-Türkbükü there’s one roadside sighting that is sure to bring a smile to the most dour faced traveler, and that’s an army of wooden carvings that collectively form the Sculpture Gallery (Heykel Galeriniz).

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Off the beaten track between Aspat and Bağla

After Aspat, you’re thrown head long into a rural deserted landscape as you head towards Bağla. This off the beaten track drive is a real adventure into rural Turkey, and a great balance to the hectic towns filled with tourists.

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Le Kabbak, Dereköy: Gourds for sale

Travel through Derekoy, and you won’t be able to miss this famous landmark with gourds for sale. At night they’re lit up & it looks magical.

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Sign Posts

Part of the adventure of cruising the Bodrum Peninsula, is the opportunity to veer off the main road to explore an unfamiliar side road. Keep a look out for sign posts, and grab your sense of adventure by it’s throat – to see where it leads you!

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White dome-shaped cisterns

Traditionally, Sarnics were used to gather winter rainwater & local spring water, to be used in fields & for livestock during the summer. Many have been restored, or convereted for other uses.

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Trio of Yalikavak Windmills

About 5km south of Yalikavak as you head towards Bodrum, you can pull off the road just after the hair-pin bend to be awarded a glorious view of the Yalikavak Bay. Further along the road, and just after the right hand bend, you’ll come to a set of three windmills.

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