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Dirmil Köy Kahvaltısı in Gökçebel for Turkish Breakfast

I was in Gökçebel the other day so decided to try Dirmil Köy Kahvaltısı for the first time, and I wasn’t disappointed. As well as the usual Turkish breakfast dishes, my breakfast included hand baked bread and a selection of traditional turkish sides that made this breakfast special.

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Welcome to the Best of Kadikalesi

Located mid-way between Gümüşlük and Turgutreis, this off-the-beaten track destination offers an oasis of calm. Although there are a couple of resorts in the area, the local beach retains is rural charm, and is within walking distance of it’s nearby neighbours. We like stopping off here on our way to Turgutreis.

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Welcome to the Best of Peksimet

Introduction to Peksimet Peksimet, an inland village located on the Bodrum Peninsula. It’s part of the Turgutreis municipality and it’s nestled between Gümüşlük and it’s closest neighbour the village of Dereköy. The local landmark is a group of windmills on the crest of a hill. One has been renovated to include a walled garden, glass conservatory and wishing well, but it looks like …

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Peksimet Windmill Photo Gallery

On the road from Ortakent to Gümüşlük, as you drive through Peksimet, you get a great view of four abandoned windmills along the ridge.

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Wandering Bodrum Back Streets

I love getting lost in Bodrum, just wandering down the Bodrum Back Streets in search of little shops and cafes. This set of Bodrum lanes is nestled between Bar Street and Ataturk Caddesi.

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Back Street Stroll to Bodrum’s Mausoleum

The restaurants and bars that line the harbour along Neyzen Tevfik add a touch of modern day glitz and glamour to Bodrum. But you only have to step off the main drag to be transported back in time, as you follow the tranquil back streets of Bodrum that lead to the entrance of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

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Photo Gallery of Victoria’s Restaurant, Gümüşlük

A photo gallery of Victoria’s near Gumusluk in the Koyunbaba area. It’s a little off the beaten path, but well worth the detour. As well as a restaurant and bar, there’s horse riding, a beach, an above ground pool and regular entertainment, all topped off with a wonderful atmosphere.

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Quick Tour of Ortakent Town

Here’s a quick tour of Ortakent Town with photo’s up and down the main street. See the location of the taxi stand, post office, shops and the turn off to Ortakent’s Fink Beach.

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Bitez Hike around the bay to Aquarium Bay & Cove

There’s a coastal path that leads you along eastern edge of Bitez Bay, and over the hill to Aquarium Bay. This hike takes around an hour, and is aimed at intermediate walkers/hikers. Along the way you’ll encounter small bays which are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

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Explore Bodrum Back Streets

I wrote a long guest article “What to do in Bodrum” for the yTravel website. I’m a firm believer in getting off the beaten track and discovering the backs streets of Bodrum.

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House Sitter Chronicles #4: Walking Tour of Gümüşlük Area

Getting off the beaten track, and relying of foot power instead of public transport, is the foundation for this walking tour of the Gümüşlük area. A delicious meal at a local cafe, a tour of the often overlook side of the bay, leading to some hidden, un-marked, ancient ruins, are just a couple of the highlights in this House Sitter Chronicles article.

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Tower Houses of Ortakent

Visit one of Ortakent’s famous 17th century “Tower Houses” (Kule Ev), which are unique to the area. These houses, similar to small castles, were built as watch towers for defensive purposes to protect the locals against unfriendly off-shore visitors. One of the oldest Tower houses has been converted to Turkey’s only one room hotel.

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