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Datça 2nd Hand Market

The Datca Turkey 2nd hand market in held in old town every Last Sunday of each month.

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All Weekly Markets on the Bodrum Peninsula

Summary of the locations and days for the weekly markets held on the Bodrum Peninsula, ranging from Fruit and Vegetables to Fabrics and Souvenirs

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Welcome to the Best of Gümüşlük

Welcome to Gumusluk Bay Home Page. Discover what’s waiting for you at Gumusluk. Getting There, Things to Do, Map & summary of the Beach and Harbour

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Video: Bodrum Town & Boat Trip + Turgutreis Market

8 minute video of Bodrum Town, Local Boat Trip, and visit to Turgutreis Market.

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A visit to the Gümüşlük weekly market

The Gumusluk weekly market continues to grow, but it’s still a local’s market full of fresh local produce and textiles and clothes the local shoppers are looking. It’s not full of tourist tat! Visit here on a Wednesday to experience a Traditional Turkish market.

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Bitez Market Photo Gallery

The Bitez weekly farmer’s market is held in the village every Thursday. It’s currently located on a temporary site opposite it’s long term home, and is an extensive collection of food, clothing and household stalls.

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Welcome to the Best of Turgutreis

From most of the towns and villages on the peninsula, you can get to Turgutreis easily and with convenient frequency. Situated 20 km from Bodrum, Turgutreis is the second largest town on the peninsula. It’s the main commercial center in the western part of the peninsula, and is perhaps best known for two features – it’s stunning Sunsets and the copious shopping opportunities.

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Index Page: Bodrum Peninsula Farmers Markets

Collection of all articles and pages which feature or mention the local markets of the Bodrum Peninsula. These local markets vary by location. They all offer a wide selection of fresh produce, but the bigger markets also have clothes, textiles and housewares. Use this reference page to find out more about the local markets.

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Index Page: Bodrum Itinerary Ideas

This is the Home Page for the Bodrum Itinerary Inspirations pages. Whether you want delve into Bodrum’s History with a culture immersion itinerary; bury your head in a book or and relax by the water, or practice your haggling skills during a mammoth shopping expedition – Bodrum has it all on offer. It’s also an ideal location to use as a jumping-off point to explore the rest of the peninsula.

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Bodrum Weekly Market

After Turgutreis Saturday Pazar, Bodrum market is the next biggest on the Peninsula. At Tuesday’s Textile market the stalls consist of clothing and bags, bedding and household items. On Friday’s it’s the main fruit and vegetable market (and there’s a smaller fruit and vegetable market on Thursday’s.)

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Bodrum Itinerary: Shop ’til you drop

If you feel like a spot of retail-therapy, Bodrum can deliver your fix. Your options range from genuine-fakes at the weekly Bodrum Market to designer goods at the Bodrum Marina shopping centre. Or wander around the old town pedestrian bazaar near the bay, or head to the main road into Bodrum, to discover the Oasis Shopping centre.

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Welcome to the Best of Ortakent-Yahşi Beach

Welcome to Ortakent-Yahşi Beach is a comprehensive home page, and provides you with a glimpse of what to expect along this area of the coastline. Get to know the different beach areas here, so you can head to your ideal spot, because the Ortakent end of the beach varies dramatically from the Yahsi end.

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