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Video: Bodrum Town & Boat Trip + Turgutreis Market

8 minute video of Bodrum Town, Local Boat Trip, and visit to Turgutreis Market.

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Top 10 Bodrum’s Ottoman Shipyard & Cemetery Photo Gallery

This month’s theme is “Bodrum’s Ottoman Shipyard and Cemetery” for our Top 10 Photos from Annie at Bodrum and Beyond Photography.

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Bodrum Itinerary Inspiration: Into the Past

No matter how much time you have to devote, there’s a variety of options to build your ideal Bodrum Itinerary. Do you want to fill an hour, or devote a whole day to delving into Bodrum past?

Whether you want buildings or ships; renovated architecture or ancient wonder ruins; or a good old nose around the former residence of Turkey’s equivalent to Liberace, all are accessible and within easy walking distance of Bodrum town centre, or a short dolmus ride away.

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Index Page: Bodrum Itinerary Ideas

This is the Home Page for the Bodrum Itinerary Inspirations pages. Whether you want delve into Bodrum’s History with a culture immersion itinerary; bury your head in a book or and relax by the water, or practice your haggling skills during a mammoth shopping expedition – Bodrum has it all on offer. It’s also an ideal location to use as a jumping-off point to explore the rest of the peninsula.

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Gümüşlük Coast Road Closed

The Gümüşlük Coast Road was closed because of local archeological activity – but it has been reopened in time for the 2015 Season.

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A video glimpse at Gümüşlük’s past

These two Gümüşlük videos are by Algis Kemezys. In one he walks across the ancient sunken pathway leading to Rabbit Island, and in the other he wanders along the ancient walls and back roads to discover the ruins of the ancient hamam.

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Bodrum Maritime Museum Article

The Bodrum Maritime Museum opened in 2011, and includes an expansive history of Bodrum’s Maritime past. It includes a huge shell collection, model boats and an introduction to the local fisherman that were active during Bodrum’s sponge-fishing past.

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Bodrum Maritime Museum Videos

A series of 4 videos encompassing and in-depth tour of the Bodrum Maritime Museum, which opened its doors up again in January 2014.

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Video of Herodotus: Father of History

Father of History Herodotus of Halicarnassus is still one of the most read and readable of all ancient historians. This video provides interesting insights into his adventures as the worlds first historian.

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Video of Ancient Myndos Ruins in Gümüşlük

Many of the antiquities are now meters under the ground but wandering this area is still very much a fun thing to do because it is so beautiful here in this region. Video by Algis Kemezys.

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Gümüşlük Ancient Hamam Photo Gallery

Gümüşlük Ancient Hamam is being excavated as part of the archaeological activity in ancient Myndos. Photos of the local area and route to reach it from the harbour and from the main road.

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Highlights of Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

This is one of the most famous landmarks in Bodrum, and is housed in the Castle of Saint John, which was built in the beginning of 15th century by the Knights Hospitaller. It is a unique place, especially for travellers with interest in history. The museum is centrally located in Bodrum, just a few steps away from the water’s edge and the marina.

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