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Welcome to the Best of Gümüşlük

Welcome to Gumusluk Bay Home Page. Discover what’s waiting for you at Gumusluk. Getting There, Things to Do, Map & summary of the Beach and Harbour

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Torba Coastline Walk Photo Gallery

Each week the H3A group organises a hike around the Bodrum Peninsula. This week our group went on a Torba Coastline Walk where I was memorised by the clear aqua water lapping the shore.

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Welcome to the Best of Turgutreis

From most of the towns and villages on the peninsula, you can get to Turgutreis easily and with convenient frequency. Situated 20 km from Bodrum, Turgutreis is the second largest town on the peninsula. It’s the main commercial center in the western part of the peninsula, and is perhaps best known for two features – it’s stunning Sunsets and the copious shopping opportunities.

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Turgutreis Hike to Manara Windmills

Near Turgutries, is a Hike to Manara Windmills through the village of Karabag. There’s views of Turgutreis Marina, the town and some Greek Islands in the distance. It’s an easy Hike or Drive up to these windmills.

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Welcome to the Best of Dereköy

This welcome page includes a summary of Derekoy, and includes information about the local shopping and sightseeing opportunities. This is the peninsula mecca for Dried Gourds, and is only a few km away from Gumusluk.

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Status update

Turgutreis hilltop sign, Bodrum TurkeyFor the adventurous, there’s a picturesque hiking trail leading from Akyarlar all the way to Turgutreis. These paths skirt the crest of the hillside, where a group of small islands off the coastline create an eye-catching distraction.

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Video of Ancient Myndos Ruins in Gümüşlük

Many of the antiquities are now meters under the ground but wandering this area is still very much a fun thing to do because it is so beautiful here in this region. Video by Algis Kemezys.

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Video of the Magical Arch of Myndos, Gümüşlük

While hiking around the mountains just north of Gumusluk making balanced stone cairns, Algis stumbled upon this natural stone arch near Karakya.

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Sue’s Hike to Pedasa

Located in the hills above Bodrum, Pedasa has a good collection of ruins which date back to some of the early inhabitants of the region .. namely the Lelegs and Carians. In this article Sue recounts her hike around Pedasa, and shares some stunning photo’s of her day.

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Video of Gümüşlük, Bodrum by BodrumTV.net

This 5 minute video shows lots of the ancient remains and underwater remains of ancient Myndos. View Gümüşlük harbour and Rabbit Island from different view points and vistas.

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Video of 5 Fabulous Secret Beaches near Bitez


There’s more to Bitez than the main beach. With just a little bit of effort, you can discover 5 secret beaches, that are perfect for a cool dip on a piping hot day.

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Bitez Hike around the bay to Aquarium Bay & Cove

There’s a coastal path that leads you along eastern edge of Bitez Bay, and over the hill to Aquarium Bay. This hike takes around an hour, and is aimed at intermediate walkers/hikers. Along the way you’ll encounter small bays which are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

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