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Top 10 “Wandering the Back Streets of Bodrum” Photo Gallery

New Monthly Bodrum Photo Gallery Showcase Now that I’ve relocated to the Bodrum Peninsula full-time I’m meeting many more expats who have made Bodrum their home. Today I’m excited to introduce Annie who I “met” on Facebook via her Bodrum and Beyond Photography Facebook page. She posts frequent images of the Bodrum she discovers while …

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First Impressions & Lasting Memories of Yalikavak & Bodrum

Read Karen’s First Impressions and Lasting Memories of Yalikavak & Bodrum, excerpts of which will be featured in the updated edition of my “Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide” ebook available on Amazon.

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Self-Catering in Bodrum Villa Accommodation

Guest Blogger Jess shares the benefits or opting for a self-catering holiday on the Bodrum Peninsula. Find out where to shop and eat in the Yalikavak area.

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Memory Lane in Gündoğan part 1

This is part 1 in a series of articles about “Down Memory Lane in Gündoğan”. Over the last decade this area of the Bodrum Peninsula has changed, and Guest Blogger Anne shares her perspectives of the local area.

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Emily & Rob’s Spring Trip to Bodrum

Here’s a list of links to articles by Emily. Two are featured on this website, and the rest can be found over at Emily Style. These articles focus on Emily and Rob’s Bodrum trip this Spring.

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Ina’s Top 5 Bodrum Spots to Visit

Guest Blogger Ina shares her Top 5 Bodrum picks with us. It includes a trip to a Turkish Bath, as well as a trip to a Castle, Island, Beach and Museum. This varied itinerary will provide you with a great introduction to the Turkish Culture.

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Emily’s trip to Bodrum’s oldest Hamam: Bardakçı Turkish Bath

Emily and Rob visited Bodrum’s oldest Turkish Bath, the Bardakci Hamam. Read this guest post about their experience, and see photo’s of the Turkish Bath interior.

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Bodrum Sights: Sue’s Top 5 List

Sue writes a blog over at suemtravels and is a fabulous collection of narratives and photos about her trip to the Bodrum Peninsula. This round-up article include the Top 5 guest posts from Sue.

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Sue’s visit to the Bodrum Windmills

Sue’s Guest Post: Bodrum’s windmills line up along the side of a steep hill near Bardakçı, separating Bodrum and Gumbet Bays. From a vantage point at the top, panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and the Greek Island of Kos are spectacular!

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Bodrum Boat Trip on the “Angle”

This article features a guest post from a frequent visitor to the area, who provides us with a summary of his recent day boat trip on the Angle, which departs from the Bodrum Harbour.

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Sue’s visit to Bodrum Castle

This is another of Sue’s guest blog posts, and this is about her trip to Bodrum Caslte. Bodrum’s medieval Castle of St. Peter is on every tourist’s “must-see” list. The castle’s courtyards, turrets, galleries, and gardens are magnificent! Its stone walls dominate the Bodrum waterfront from land and sea, and its history is impressive.

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Sue’s dolmuş ride to Gümüşlük

Known as a “peaceful, charming fisherman’s cove and seaside village,“ Gümüşlük is one of the oldest settlements on the Bodrum peninsula. It’s the former site of the ancient Carian city Myndos that slid into the sea during an earthquake. In this article, Sue took the dolmus to Gümüşlük, and in this article she shares her day’s adventures in inappropriate footwear!

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