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Kent Card App for the Bodrum City Bus

If you like traveling around the Bodrum Peninsula via bus (like we do), and you have a SmartPhone, you’ll be pleased to know that the city bus service has gone mobile with their KentKart service.

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Dolmuş from Turgutreis to Gölköy Timetable & Fares 2016

Here’s the timetable from Yalıkavak and Gündoğan for the Turgutreis to Turkbuku dolmus that travels the coastal route, as well as the bus fares for all destinations and departure points, and a list of the towns and villages this bus route travels through.

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Dolmuş times for first and last buses between Turgutreis and Bodrum 2016

Dolmuş Timetable Bodrum to Turgutreis

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Bitez Dolmuş & Public Bus Prices and Timetable for 2016

Find out the bus fares and timetable for the Dolmuş and Public Bus between Bitez and Bodrum for 2016.

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Gümüşlük Dolmuş Timetable & Fares for Winter 2015/2016

Gümüşlük Dolmuş Timetable & Price for Winter 2015/2016 for travel to Turgutreis, Bodrum and all of the small towns and villages in between.

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Welcome to the Best of Turgutreis

From most of the towns and villages on the peninsula, you can get to Turgutreis easily and with convenient frequency. Situated 20 km from Bodrum, Turgutreis is the second largest town on the peninsula. It’s the main commercial center in the western part of the peninsula, and is perhaps best known for two features – it’s stunning Sunsets and the copious shopping opportunities.

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Welcome to the Best of Torba Bay

If the Summer madness of Bodrum town centre is overwhelming, and you need a quick escape to a local beach, (but have a desire to avoid Gumbet at all costs), head for Torba. It’s close enough for a half-day jaunt, and will feed your adventurous spirit.

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Left Luggage at Bodrum Bus Station

If you’re not able to leave your bags at your hotel, why not drop them off at the dolmus and bus station in the heart of Bodrum. There’s a couple of left luggage offices right in the middle of all the action.

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Gümüşlük Dolmuş Park & Timetable 2014

Here’s the Gümüşlük Dolmuş Park & Timetable for Autumn 2014 to plan your travel to Bodrum, Turgutreis, Yalikavak, Gundogan & Turkbuku. Expect a similar timetable for 2015, with increased service during the summer months.

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Torba Dolmuş Service

The Bodrum to Torba dolums is frequent and cheap. It only takes about 15 minutes to travel between these two destinations, and this photo gallery includes photos of the local yellow and white dolmus.

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Tips about Riding the Dolmuş

A list of tips & a video about riding a Dolmus mini-bus during your holiday in Turkey. It’s a great way to get around the Bodrum Peninsula at a low cost.

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BPTG Podcast #2: Top 5 Bodrum Picks

This is the companion page to my iTunes Podcast Episode #2, where I shared information about two of my Top 5 Lists; Top 5 places to visit and Top 5 Eat & Drink. Follow any of these links to find content related to this podcast.

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