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Welcome to the Best of Turgutreis

From most of the towns and villages on the peninsula, you can get to Turgutreis easily and with convenient frequency. Situated 20 km from Bodrum, Turgutreis is the second largest town on the peninsula. It’s the main commercial center in the western part of the peninsula, and is perhaps best known for two features – it’s stunning Sunsets and the copious shopping opportunities.

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Index Page: Bodrum Itinerary Ideas

This is the Home Page for the Bodrum Itinerary Inspirations pages. Whether you want delve into Bodrum’s History with a culture immersion itinerary; bury your head in a book or and relax by the water, or practice your haggling skills during a mammoth shopping expedition – Bodrum has it all on offer. It’s also an ideal location to use as a jumping-off point to explore the rest of the peninsula.

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Looking for the Quiet Side of Kadikalesi Beach

The beach in Kadikalesi, on the northern coastline of the Bodrum Peninsula, is an erratic mix of resorts with wooden jetties and food and beverages services. But squeezed between the Kadikale Resort and Turgutreis, are laid-back areas of beach where you can chill-out.

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Welcome to the Best of Torba Bay

If the Summer madness of Bodrum town centre is overwhelming, and you need a quick escape to a local beach, (but have a desire to avoid Gumbet at all costs), head for Torba. It’s close enough for a half-day jaunt, and will feed your adventurous spirit.

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Bitez Beach Video View

Short 40 second video of Bitez Beach and the bay.

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Welcome to the Best of Ortakent-Yahşi Beach

Welcome to Ortakent-Yahşi Beach is a comprehensive home page, and provides you with a glimpse of what to expect along this area of the coastline. Get to know the different beach areas here, so you can head to your ideal spot, because the Ortakent end of the beach varies dramatically from the Yahsi end.

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Video of Ortakent-Yahsi Beach

This video takes you on a tour of the boardwalk at the Yahsi end of Ortakent-Yahsi beach. Starting at the western point (adjacent to Camel Beach), follow the camera as it pans past restaurants, shops and the beach. It takes you all the way to the central point in the beach near the harbour, before you cross over to the Ortakent end of the beach.

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Photo Gallery of Tony Traipsing Around Türkbükü

Photo Gallery of Tony’s walk around Turkbuku bay, from the harbour in the south, to the glitzy hotels on the northern coastline, and the beach in between.

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Photo Gallery of Victoria’s Restaurant, Gümüşlük

A photo gallery of Victoria’s near Gumusluk in the Koyunbaba area. It’s a little off the beaten path, but well worth the detour. As well as a restaurant and bar, there’s horse riding, a beach, an above ground pool and regular entertainment, all topped off with a wonderful atmosphere.

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Photo Gallery of a walk around Gerişalti

Geriş is a popular destination for waterside dining at one of the many fish restaurants, and this is my photo gallery of some of the places in the centre of the village. I also spotted a local beach, some shops, and a little local cafe.

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BPTG Podcast #2: Top 5 Bodrum Picks

This is the companion page to my iTunes Podcast Episode #2, where I shared information about two of my Top 5 Lists; Top 5 places to visit and Top 5 Eat & Drink. Follow any of these links to find content related to this podcast.

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Torba Beach Photo Gallery

Torba is probably most renowned as being the home of Voyage Torba, but this location just 10 minutes from Bodrum, has so much more to offer vacationers or day trippers. Here’s my photo gallery of my walk along Torba beach, to give you an idea of what to expect when you get there.

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