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Dibekli Han Yakaköy Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery of my visit to the Dibekli Han near Ortakent (and Yakakoy). This off the beaten track Art Village has shops, galleries and restaurants.

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Video of Derekoy Gourd Workshop

8m video (in Turkish) at one of the Gourd workshops in Derekoy Bodrum. Derekoy is en-route to Gumusluk, and the eye catching gourd shops will probably entice you to linger a while.

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Video of Gumsuluk Craft market stalls

8 minute video of the Artisans at work at the Gumusluk Craft market area near the beach and fish restaurants.

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Welcome to the Best of Geriş and Gerişaltı

Geriş & Geriş-Altı are part of the Yalikavak municipality, They both offer a sleepy charm a short distance from the centre of Yalikavak. This destination welcome page, details out the draw and location of these two distinct destinations.

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Turgutreis Itinerary: Shop ’til you Drop

Whether it’s shopping for essentials at one of the local supermarkets or hardware stores; browsing for gifts in the labyrinth of tourist shops behind the Mosque, or walking through the gauntlet of hawkers at the Saturday Street Market in search of fresh produce, clothes, sourvenirs or housewares – there’s plenty to spend your money on. And that’s before we even explore all of the shopping options around the Marina.

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Shopping in Gündoğan

Although there isn’t a big selection of souvenir shops in Gündoğan, there’s still a selection of shopping opportunities. Ranging from a weekly farmers market, craft stalls by the beach, and a selection of supermarkets and village shops.

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House Sitter Chronicles #4: Walking Tour of Gümüşlük Area

Getting off the beaten track, and relying of foot power instead of public transport, is the foundation for this walking tour of the Gümüşlük area. A delicious meal at a local cafe, a tour of the often overlook side of the bay, leading to some hidden, un-marked, ancient ruins, are just a couple of the highlights in this House Sitter Chronicles article.

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Welcome to the Best of Yalıkavak

Yalikavak was the first town to tug at my heart strings. I fell in love with it on my first visit, and have returned to it again and again. Read all of the sights and activities on offer in this little hamlet in the north of the peninsula.

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Yalikavak Art Gallery & Cafe

The lines between Art Gallery and Cafe blur at Yalikavak Sanat Evi, both are on offer, and this new venue also offers working spaces for Art Lessons.

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Sarniç Art Gallery Yalikavak

Looking for an Art Gallery with a difference?

Yalikavaks Sarniç Sanat Galerisi, is housed in an old water cistern, which has a lot of rustic charm. It’s host to various different artists and exhibitions throughout the year, and best of all, there’s no entrance fee.

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Art Walk and Craft Stalls in Yalikavak

Yalikavak’s narrow pedestrian Art Walk Street is lined with a dizzying array of art created by local artists. During the season there are also portrait artists available to create a sketch for you, and each time I’ve walked down Art Street there’s at least one artist huddled over their easel, whipping up a new artistic creation.

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All About the Turkish Evil Eye Beads

In Turkey, whatever activity you’re doing – shopping, walking, eating, traveling in a vehicle, you’ll see plenty of evil eyes looking at you. It’s an real evil eye paradise.

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