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Index Page: Bodrum Itinerary Ideas

This is the Home Page for the Bodrum Itinerary Inspirations pages. Whether you want delve into Bodrum’s History with a culture immersion itinerary; bury your head in a book or and relax by the water, or practice your haggling skills during a mammoth shopping expedition – Bodrum has it all on offer. It’s also an ideal location to use as a jumping-off point to explore the rest of the peninsula.

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Ashtanga Yoga Holiday Gümüşlük

The annual SYL Ashtanga Yoga Holiday returns again to Gümüşlük, with combines the ability to nurture a yoga practice with a relaxing holiday. Here’s the dates and pricing for both of their week-long retreats to the Hotel Gumusluk.

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Fishing at Sunset in Kadikalesi Photo Gallery

This photo album was taken at one of the jetties in Kadikalesi, which make perfect places to cast your line for a spot of sunset fishing. And when you’ve had enough, head to one of the local restaurants nearby.

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Tony’s 5 Bodrum Fishing Spots

All across the Bodrum Peninsula you can hop aboard a boat for a spot of fishing, or just head down to the nearest beach and cast from the shoreline. My brother in law, Tony, came with us on our last trip to Turkey, and he didn’t miss an opportunity to cast his line. Read where he tried his luck…

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Farilya Farm & Horse Riding Stables Photo Gallery

A little off the beaten path, this farm and horse riding centre can be found at the end of a forest track just north of Gundogan. This area of the Bodrum Peninsula is a perfect location for enjoying a ride.

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Hanedan Turkish Bath, Turgutreis

Located in central Turgutreis, the Hanedan Hamam is the only independant Hamam in town. They have tried to create the athmosphere of a traditional turkish bath with a modern look and quality.

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Torba Fishing Trip Photo Gallery

View a photo gallery of a Fishing Trip from Torba – includes pictures of the boat and scenery along the way.

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Culinary trips, retreats & cruises from Bodrum

If you’re looking for a culinary adventure in Bodrum, “Turkish Flavours” offers a selection of trips, retreats and cruises – which range from a 4 hour jaunt, to a week-long adventure.

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Fishing Trip from Torba

If you fancy a day out on a fishing boat, you can arrange an excursion from one of the towns on the peninsula, or head to Torba and book directly. Boats leave from the fishing boat harbour, and fishing equipment and tackle are provided.

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Bitez Hike around the bay to Aquarium Bay & Cove

There’s a coastal path that leads you along eastern edge of Bitez Bay, and over the hill to Aquarium Bay. This hike takes around an hour, and is aimed at intermediate walkers/hikers. Along the way you’ll encounter small bays which are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding comes to the Bodrum Peninsula

Stand Up Paddle Boarding has arrived on the Bodrum Peninsula. Find out about this water sport, and how you can buy or rent a board anywhere on the Peninsula.

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Horse Riding & Facilities at Country Ranch Tugutreis

Just outside Turgutreis, is the Country Ranch. You can take horse riding lessons, or venture into the local hillsides on a horse trek to enjoy panoramic views of the landscape. They have other facilities available, including a petting zoo and restaurant.

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