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A Review of Jack Scott’s “Postcards from the Ege”

Who’s Jack Scott?

If you haven’t already encountered author Jack Scott, you should definitely familiarise yourself with him. He’s the author of two captivating memoirs about the years he spent in Turkey.

His first memoir was named after his popular blog, “Perking the Pansies” and covers the time he and Liam spent in Yalikavak. His follow-up “Turkey Street” continues their expat journey as they relocate to Bodrum.

Postcards from the Ege Jack Scott Review Turkey

He also published two other “Best of Perking the Pansies” books, “Turkey the Raw Guide” and “Turkey: Surviving the Expats” which are based on the best articles from his blog.

Jack Scott Books about Turkey

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So with a pedigree like that, it’s no wonder his next book is about Turkey too. But this one is different.

Postcards from the Ege

Postcards from the Ege Jack Scott Review Turkey

Postcards from the Ege is a less travel memoir and more travel journal, where Jack shares his impressions and personal perspectives of popular Turkish locations in his usual direct and pithy style. If you’re visiting Turkey and want to venture further than the boundaries of the Bodrum Peninsula … Jack’s postcards allow you to peak under the covers of a destination, before crawling into bed with it!

In Jack’s own words:

“There are more ancient sites in Turkey than in all of Western Europe and in places like Bodrum and Fethiye, unbroken sunshine is virtually guaranteed from May to October. Tourism in free fall hits the livelihoods of countless small family-run businesses that rely on the summer rush to see them through the winter. Despite the troubles, Turkey remains a low-crime country and one of the safest holiday destinations anywhere. The Syrian border is a very long way from the beaches of the Aegean [the ‘Ege’].”

At this point you may be offering a wry smile at the safety of Turkey … but if, like me, you’re living in the Bodrum Peninsula, you’ll realise that we are so far removed from the toil and tribulations that is affecting the other pockets of the country (and it IS pockets! Although the foreign press would have you believe that it’s the whole bloody raincoat! But nothing could be further from the truth).

Here’s today’s Foreign Travel Advice from the UK Government

Coastal resorts don’t appear to be significantly affected at present. You should be vigilant in resort areas. Security force activity may be visible from some resorts.

Over 2,500,000 British nationals visit Turkey every year. It’s generally safe to travel but you should take additional safety precautions.

Postcards from the Ege Jack Scott Review Turkey

Anyway, back to Postcards from the Ege which takes the reader on a journey from Istanbul, and then follows the Aegean coastline of Turkey, to the Mediterranean shores of Antalya. Along the way Jack sends us postcards to introduce us to Izmir, Ephesus, and the Bodrum Peninsula, among many other modern day and historical locations.

Postcards from the Ege Jack Scott Review Turkey Alanya Castle

As well as the other well known destinations, Jack introduces us to some lessor known that make up the historical backbone of this impressive country. They’re meze-sized mentions to whet you appetites to entice you to springboard into the topic in more detail, on your own time.

The Trimmings

Turkey wouldn’t be complete without all the trimmings, and Jack features postcards on topics including the weather, camels, smoking and the infamous Doner Kebabs … here’s his postcard about alcohol. (Just because Turkey is a Muslim country, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in The Devil’s Brew):

Postcards from the Ege Jack Scott Review Turkey

In Jack’s own words, his postcards are a personal perspective of what he’s “seen and done, liked and disliked” in Turkey.

Although he’s relocated back to the UK, Jack’s love affair with Turkey has endured. If you’re considering visiting Turkey, his Postcards entice you with tidbits, and make you hungry for more.


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