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Gümüşlük Dolmuş Park & Timetable 2014

Gumusluk Dolmus StationDolmuş Station’s new Home

There’s been numerous changes at the Gümüşlük Dolmuş station over the past couple of years and it’s currently located in the Municipal Car Park adjacent to the Art and Craft Market stalls. It moved here from it’s old spot by the Eklisia Church to it’s new home to accommodate the nearby archaeological dig activity.

Autumn 2014 Dolmuş Timetable

This timetable for September 2014 shows the daily departures:

  • To Bodrum – service runs 7am to Midnight or 1am 
  • To Turgutreis – service runs 7am to Midnight or 1am
    • This service runs through Kadikalesi and into Turgutreis
    • The last bus from Turgutreis leaves at 1am or 2am heading to Gümüşlük

Below are images of two timetables taken on different days for the same route, as you’ll see the last buses run at different times depending on the day, so it’s important to check this board when you get to the dolmus station to check when the last bus runs.

Gumusluk Dolmus Station Timetable Turkey

Gumsuluk Timetable to Bodrum and Turgutreis

Gumusluk Dolmus Timetable to Bodrum and Turgutreis

Gumsuluk Timetable to Bodrum and Turgutreis

The Weekend Service to Bodrum from Gumusluk

Gumusluk Time Table Sunday

The Gumusluk to Turkbuku dolmus service via Yalikavak

These two timetables are for the same Yalikavak dolmus service, just for different days. The first one was scribbled on a scratty bit of paper, and the next one a couple of weeks later was on a laminated board (and much easier to read)

Gumusluk Dolmus Station Timetable Turkey


Yalikavak Bus Timetime from Gumusluk

2015 Gümüşlük Dolmuş Timetable

Even though these timetables above are for 2014, you can anticipate a similar schedule for 2015 – with increased service during peak summer months. When you arrive at Gümüşlük Dolmuş Station, check out the timetable pinned to the side of the wooden shed to confirm the current frequency and times of the last buses for the day.

Gumusluk Dolmus StationIf you’re not sure which dolmuş to get on, there’s usually a guy hanging around the area to help you out. Just let him know where you want to go, and he’ll let you know when which dolmus to get on.

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