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Welcome to the Best of Gümüşlük

Gumusluk Harbour and Rabbit Island Bodrum TurkeyIntroduction to Gümüşlük Bay

As you drive towards Gümüşlük from the North, you’ll be rewarded with glorious views of the Gümüşlük Bay.  The end of the peninsula curves around, to create a secluded bay, and in the middle of the vista is Rabbit Island.

The majority of visitors heading to Gümüşlük, drive straight through the village and head directly to the fresh fish restaurants lining the harbour.

Gümüşlük is a popular dining destination, and at peak season, these restaurants are packed with locals as well as foreign and Turkish visitors.  Some of the restaurants are a bit pricey – but the views and ambiance are priceless.

Gumusluk Evening Stroll Bodrum Turkey


The Beach is narrow and lined with pensions, and the loungers that populate it during the day, are replaced by tables and chairs, with sunset views of Rabbit Island, making it a memorable location for a dinner and cocktails at dusk.


Turn the corner by the underwater pathway leading to Rabbit Island, and you’ll be met by an endless array of restaurants. There’s a small harbour where local fishing boats are moored, and if you follow the harbour around the waterline, you’ll reach another small beach.


Team excavating Rabbit Island Gumusluk Bodrum Turkey


Getting There

Gumusluk Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Things to do

Gumusluk Bodrum Peninsula Turkey


Quick Reference Travel Guide

Gumusluk Quick Reference Travel Guide


Here’s a video I created:


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Here’s some links to more Gümüşlük content

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This article was originally published in 2011, but has been updated with new information and republished based on my recent visit there in May 2017.

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