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The Growth of Gümüşlük Market

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On the way back from some banking chores in Turgutreis, I decided to stop off at Gümüşlük market to see if I could pick up some lunch, before I headed home.

It’s been a while since I’ve walked around this small village market. On my last visit here, we were stalked by our neighbours. They subjected us to a confusing array of sign-language, in order to secure a door-to-door ride home in our comfy rental car, instead of having to rely on the dolmus and a lengthy walk up a steep hill with their bulging bags of fresh market produce.

Gumusluk Market Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

I imagined that the market had probably grown a little bit since then — but it’s really exploded in size.

On my previous visit, a lot of the “stalls” were actually just canvas sheets on the ground with the produce and piles of rusty “tat” laid out on them. But now all of the vendors have bonafide stalls, and I was surprised to see an expansive refrigerated dairy section.

Oh how things have changed! I guess progress waits for no man (or woman).

Gumusluk Market Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

This market it’s still nowhere as big as its neighbours of Turgutreis and Yalikavak, but it can still hold it’s head up high!  Whereas it’s neighbouring markets cater to the tourist trade, Gümüşlük is still very much as “locals” market.

There’s no Nike or Ralph Lauren knock-offs here. Instead you’ll find a dizzying floral selection of village fashion, which are coveted by this market’s rural customers.

Gumusluk Market Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

If you’re in the neighbourhood on a Wednesday, head towards the Mosque in the middle of the village (adjacent to the Post Office), and wander through this slice of village life.

So maybe you don’t have any need for a plastic washing up bowl – but there’s plenty of fresh produce, cheese and olives to choose from, which will make a delicious picnic for your hike into the surrounding hillside.

Or maybe you could just buy a bag of Turkish Delight for the dolmus ride back to Bodrum.

Gumusluk Market Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Gümüşlük Market Photo Gallery 

These photo’s were taken during my visit in October 2012.

Overview-Gumuluk logo Bodrum Turkey All Articles-Gumuluk logo Gumusluk Video Gallery Bodrum Turkey Gumusluk Photo Gallery Bodrum Turkey

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  1. BacktoBodrum

    Just show how much Gümüşlük is growing. I’m with you in not wanting it or the market to get any bigger.
    BacktoBodrum recently posted..In the Footsteps of the FamousMy Profile

  2. Roving Jay

    Hi Annie… I love this corner of the Peninsula … but over the years it has really started to expand and get organized. Streets signs have been popping up everywhere, the streets are being paved, the market has expanded! I just hope that Gumusluk doesn’t get too big for it’s boots, and what we love about it is lost…..
    Roving Jay recently posted..Bitez Beach Quick Reference Travel GuideMy Profile

  3. Turkey's For Life

    Hmm, this is an interesting one. ‘Development’ is always tricky and we’ve never been to Gümüşlük to see its real beauty. I can see people are concerned about over development on the one hand (and rightly so) but as passionate market enthusiasts, I’m also really encouraged to see an expanding market. Interesting…
    Turkey’s For Life recently posted..Introducing Our Fethiye & Turkey Events CalendarMy Profile

  4. Roving Jay

    I’m with you Julia – one of my favourite past-times is wandering around markets. I just love them. But part of the charm of Gumusluk market, was that is was so local and quirky.

    It’s grown, and is still aimed at the locals — e.g. clothes are still for the village women, and not designer knock-offs for the tourist. There’s a big assortment of household items but no tourist trinkets. There of course is a greater selection of produce and dairy – which is excellent for the village, because there aren’t a lot of local shops.

    As long as it continues to retains it’s local feel, – that’s the important thing. But as soon as it starts catering to tourists – that’s the start of the downhill slide, and it becomes a carbon copy of others in the area.

    If it grows to this … will I stop visiting? Hell no! There’s nothing better than the vibe, noises, aromas and colours of a local village market. But I don’t want Gumusluk to lose itself. I hope that it retains a small village feel, because its neighbours; Turgutreis and Yalikavak, have the tourist and expat market covered already.
    Roving Jay recently posted..Camel Beach Photo GalleryMy Profile

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