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Exploring Gölköy Part 1: East End of the Bay

Exploring Gölköy

Gölköy is part of the Göl-Türkbükü municipality, and Türkbükü’s neighbour. Whereas Türkbükü attracts the glitterati from Turkey’s cosmopolitan areas, Gölköy is decidedly more laid back. I got up early one morning to explore the Bodrum Peninsula coastline near Göl-Türkbükü, and here’s my photo essay from my first trip to Gölköy.

Golkoy Village GolTurkbuku Turkey on the Bodrum Peninsula

Gölköy is located in a small bay, at one end is the village and the small harbour, and at the other end of the bay is a man-made beach. In between are an assorted mix of restaurants, hotels and local pansiyons. There are more hotels along the main road which is parallel to the bay.

I visited Gölköy quite early in the morning towards the end of the season (in September), so there weren’t many people around.

Gölköy Photo Essay

There’s a narrow man-made beach and lots of jetties jutting over crystal clear water. In this first photo, I’m looking towards the small harbour jetty in the distance.


This part of the bay is easily accessible from the main road, you can park nearby, and there’s a small hump-back bridge over a narrow water inlet.

You won’t find sand down this end of the beach, but at least there’s somewhere to lay your towel down! IMG_3785-golkoy The water here is crystal clear, and from this beach area, you can see Türkbükü in the distance (where are the white houses are on the hillside).IMG_3786-golkoy The beach extends future along the bay, and there’s more hotels and jetties. On the other side of the neighbouring hill, is Paradise Bay, which is a popular day-boat destination, and there’s also a variety of hiking trails nearby.IMG_3787-golkoy Sheani Restaurant was one of the few places open this early in the morning, and this location is well-known for the delicious breakfasts it serves. The restaurant is owned by Şenay Karalı, set inside a lovely two-storied stone house, and is decorated like a living room of a sophisticated residence.

IMG_3788-golkoy I took a little stroll along the bay, and came across more wooden jetties, all with lovely views.IMG_3789-golkoy In some places along the bay, the beach tapers out, but the neighbouring businesses all have wooden jetties with loungers, as well as tables and chairs at the water’s edge.IMG_3790-golkoyIf you’re here during the season, I’m sure these jetties are packed with holiday makers, but I imagine there’s a chilled out vibe along here.
IMG_3791-golkoy As you get closer to the harbour, the hotels look closer together, and there’s plenty more places to sit or lie down.IMG_3792-golkoyHere’s the little hump-back bridge which is located right next door to Sheani – you can see it from the main road, and is a good landmark for finding your way to this part of the bay.
IMG_3793-golkoy Here’s the turn off which will take you to the bridge area  of the bay. This is the location of the Havana Beach Club. The road you see if the main road through the village.IMG_3794-golkoy This odd little sight was in front of one of the house along the main road (Akdeniz Caddesi), not sure if it’s art of for a specific event, but it caught my eye.IMG_3795-golkoy All along this road you’ll see signs for local pansiyons…IMG_3796-golkoy… and larger hotels. But even these large hotels, are quite small.

Akdeniz Caddesi ends at a T-junction where it meets Ataturk Caddesi. Take a right to head towards the harbour, and you’ll pass the dolmus park and Gölköy Taxi stand on your right.

Note: If you carried on along Ataturk Caddesi, it would lead you to Türkbükü.



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