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Exploring Gölköy Part 2: West End of the Bay

Exploring Gölköy

This articles follows on from Exploring Gölköy Part 1: East End of the Bay. Follow the main road around the bay and you’ll reach the harbour end of the village, and the hub of village activity. This road leads onto Türkbükü, and is where you can catch a taxi or the dolmus.

Just before this white building is a small side street leading down to the harbour end of the bay and the beach. It’s only a short, sloping road that leads down to the small harbour area, and at the bottom of this road is a small parking lot area.


Along this western edge of the bay are restaurants and hotels with wooden jetties jutting out into the water.


By day they have loungers on them, and in the evening these are replaced with dining tables and chairs.


There’s a couple of day boats moored at this harbour, and the rest of the boats are small fishing or leisure crafts.IMG_3799-golkoyThe water is crystal clear, and is shallow by the beach, but gets considerably deeper, further into the bay.


This end of the beach actually has sand on it, as opposed the the gravel at the other end of the beach.


Along the beach, hotels and restaurants are lined up, shoulder to shoulder. Many of them have their own wooden jetties. The first hotel at this end of the beach is the Sultan hotel.

IMG_3803-golkoyThis is the view with your back to the harbour, looking along the narrow strip of beach.


Here’s a selection of photo’s I took as I walked along the beach and looking back at the harbour area.

This looks like an inviting spot for an early morning Turkish Coffee.






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