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Tips about Riding the Dolmuş

Gundogan Dolmus Station, Bodrum Peninsula TurkeyWhat is a Dolmuş?

  • It’s a minibus that serves the coastal area’s

Tips on Riding the Dolmuş:

  • Make sure you have some change or small bills
  • Each town/village usually has a bus station where all the Dolmuş stop.
  • You used to be able to hail the Dolmuş anywhere along their route, but nowadays you need to board and dismount at a bus shelter
  • Hail the Dolmuş like a cab
  • Once onboard, take your seat, and then check the price list at the front – usually stuck on or near the windscreen
  • Hand your money to the person in front of you, and it’ll be passed forward
  • If you’re owed change, the driver will hand it back during a straight stretch of road, or when you get off
  • Ask the driver to stop when you want to get off  “Müsait bir yerde” (at an appropriate place)
  • Exit, and say thanks!



Here’s a article about the demise on indi-bindi on the Bodrum Peninsula over at Back to Bodrum


If you still have questions or concerns about riding a Dolmuş, click here to watch this entertaining 5 minute video about a dolmus ride in Antalya from Toomas Meema

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