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Day Trip to Kos from the Bodrum Peninsula

An Introduction to the Greek Island of Kos

Map of Kos GreeceKos  is a fingerling-potato shaped island about 4 km (2 ½ miles) from the Bodrum Peninsula, making it a convenient location for a day jaunt from Bodrum or Turgutreis.

Bodrum and Kos as Historical Parents

Whereas Bodrum is known as the birthplace of Herodotus – the father of History.  Kos, is the birthplace of  Hippocrates, the father of Medicine.

On our list – but not visited yet

Each time we have visited the Bodrum Peninsula, I suggest “we should take a day trip to Kos this time” – but the nooks and crannies of the Bodrum Peninsula distract us, and it remains on our “next time” list.

So although I can’t speak to Kos as a destination, there are plenty of websites that can, and below are my Top 3, which will give you a feel for the place, and help you decide whether you want to visit the ‘neighbours’ when you’re in town!

Reference websites:

Click on the icons/images to open the home pages in the same window, or click on the hyperlinks to open the page in a new window:

Logo for Greek Island Postcard Reviews

Greekisland.co.uk promotes itself as an antidote to the flowery language of Greek holiday brochures, and offers visitor reviews of Greek islands and beaches.  Their site covers all Greek Islands, split into 4 groups: Popular, Peaceful, Sleepy and Offbeat.  Kos is on the Popular list, and you can read the summary recap of Kos and the Postcard Reviews here.


Top 10 LogoIf you’re heading to Kos for some history and culture, this travel-to-kos.comwebsite may start your culture-bells ringing.  Their Top 10 List of things to see while on Kos — only has 5 historical sights on the list, and one of those is a tree!  But there’s some nice 360° graphics and good selection of photo’s:  Asklepion ; The Neratzia Castle; Hippocrates Plane Tree; Complex of Early Christian Basilica of St. Stephen; Epta Bemata


The greektravel.com website/blog is a labour of love, and it shows. Matt Barrett started his Travel Guide as a hobby in 1995, and since then it has grown in popularity.  His site covers all of Greece, but this link will take you to Matt’s Kos Information Page , which provides a succinct historical overview, and a description of the attractions.  If he were to create a Top 10 list – it would definitely have 10 in it!


Logo for Kos Walks for Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide

Foxy Island Walks features many of the different Greek Islands, but his link will take you directly to the:



And lastly, you can visit the Ferry Route information page on this site:



© All icons/images are sourced from the referenced websites, and the lead photo includes an in-picture credit.

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