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Culinary trips, retreats & cruises from Bodrum

Olive Oil tastingThe legacy of Turkish Cuisine

I read a quote once about Turkey … “go for the history, stay for the food”

Today’s Turkish cuisine has a direct correlation to the food served in Ottoman kitchens, and is a fusion of flavours driven by the country’s location; one foot in Europe, one in Asia, and rubbing shoulders with the Middle East..

It you had to decribe the Turkish cuisine in one word – I’d use “Mediterranean”.  It’s a cross between Middle Eastern and Greek cuisines, with a reliance on olive oil, yogurt and fresh produce. It’s a mecca for vegetarians, but there’s plenty of choice for carnivours, and if you love seafood, you’ll be happy with the selection.

As well as being really flavourful, it’s also really healthy, which has to make it one of the world’s greatest, but most under-appreciated cuisines.

So if you’re a foodie coming to Turkey for the first time, and want to familiarize yourself with the local flavours and cooking techniques, what better way than to immerse yourself in some local culinary trips.

Red and white Turkish Flag Graphic

Turkish Flavours Logo for Turkish Cuisine

Turkish Flavours

Whilst researching an article about Turkish Breakfast’s, I discovered the Turkish Flavour website, which has a varied selection of culinary tours available.

I haven’t been on any of their trips, so can’t speak from experience, but these culinary delights look too good not to share.

So carry on reading to learn more about their one-day and week-long culinary tours and trips, based in Ortakent in the heart of the Bodrum Peninsula.

Culinary Vacations


Has that whetted your appetite?

If so, here’s a summary of some of the culinary trips, retreats and cruises they offer, with a brief description:

Culinary Trips from Bodrum to Ephesus

  • Every Saturday from April to October
  • Small Group Tour with like minded culinary enthusiasts
  • Bodrum to Ephesus is a 2 1/2 hours drive each way
  • Trip includes a tour of Ephesus with a professional guid

Drying Fruit

  • Visit an Ecological farm (with the best restaurant in the area)
  • Visit the olive and olive oil history museum Oleatrium,
  • After lunch, tour the farm on their small train and see how they dry their produce under the sun
  • Return to Bodrum


Culinary Retreat for a week foodies retreat

  • Day 1 (Saturday): Arrival and Introduction
  • Day 2 ( Sunday ): First Cooking Class and Market visit for a start to Turkish Cuisine
  • Day 3 ( Monday ): A Culinary Cruise on a gulet Yacht
  • Day 4 (Tuesday): Wine & Cheese tasting tour to Ecological Farm
  • Day 5 (Wednesday) : Cookery Workshop Classical Turkish Cuisine & Farmers Market

Cookery Lessons in Ortakent Bodrum Turkey

  • Day 6 (Thursday) : Traditional Bread Making and Mantı ( Turkish Ravioli) Rolling Class
  • Day 7 (Friday) : Last Cooking Session and Market Visit of the week.

More details of the daily events is available on their website.


Culinary Cruise Ortakent Bodrum Turkey

  • Every Monday from April to November
  • A perfect way to enjoy swimming and the blue waters of the Mediterranean as well as local cuisine

Bodrum Boat trip Turkey

  • Set sail on a spacious wooden yacht, where the chef will cook a delicious lunch


gourmet breaks in bodrum

  • Every Tuesday to Friday
  •  Day 1 (Tuesday): Arrival & Welcome Dinner
  • Day 2 (Wednesday): Cookery Workshop Classical Turkish Cuisine & Farmers Market
  • Day 3 (Thursday): Traditional Bread Making and Mantı (Turkish Ravioli) Rolling Class

bread making

  • Day 4 (Friday): Food Market guided tour and produce a full course menu


Cheese and Wine Tasting Tour Ortakent, Bodrum Turkey

  • Every Tuesday All Year
  • Bodrum was one the of the major exporters of wine in the Ancient times.
  • Visit a vineyard, where an enthusiastic couple started an ecological farm and vineyard
  • Learn about wine making in the ancient times, followed by a wine tasting with homemade cheese

table for wine tasting Ortakent, Bodrum, Turkey

  • Departure times differ in seasons due to wheather conditions and work at the vineyard
  • This is a 4 hour event from pick up to drop off


milas farmers market tour

  • Every Tuesday all year
  • Labranda is a hidden archaeological gem, on top of a high mountain just 10 minutes from Milas
  • It’s the best preserved Archaeological site in Aegean Turkey
  • Drive from Bodrum to Labranda in the morning and visit the site, with snacks and drinks overlooking the Mylasa plains

Labranda Bodrum Turkey

  • After this memorable visit drive down to Milas and visit the farmers market, the largest in the area
  • Visit a small harbour village by the ocean to taste local fish for lunch, at a family owned restaurant 


Email:  selin@turkishflavours.com

Email:  turkishflavours@gmail.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Turkishflavours

Website:  www.TurkishFlavours.com

Visit Turkish Flavours About Page to learn more about the power house women behind these culinary adventures.



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