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Bodrum FM Local Radio Station

Bodrum Radio Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide

Bodrum Local Radio

On our last trip to Bodrum I saw more and more signs advertising Bodrum’s local radio station, and as we were renting a car to get around I didn’t waste an opportunity to tune into 101.7 to listen to the top Turkish tunes.


Stream Bodrum Radio Bodrum Peninsula Travel GuideThere’s certain parts of the peninsula that you can’t get reception (by our house of course!) … but once you drive over the hills towards the southern part of the peninsula you can pick up Bodrum FM.

You’ll know when you can pick it up – as there are signs on the sides of the road advertising the station.

There’s nothing I like better than exploring the Bodrum Peninsula with the Turkish tunes raving on the radio — it’s gets me in the holiday spirit in no time.

If you’re at home you can also stream Bodrum FM on your computer.

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