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Bodrum Ferryboat Company 2017 Timetable & Price

Logo for the Bodrum Ferryboat CompanyAbout Bodrum Ferryboat

In operation since 1990, the Bodrum Ferryboat (Bodrum Feribot) has earned reputation for its reliable passenger services to both the Datça Peninsula and the Greek islands of Kos, Rhodes and Kalymnos. This company is one of the two main local ferry companies which operate out of the Bodrum Peninsula.

Bodrum Ferryboat Routes

Bodrum Departure Points: 

Turgutreis Departure Point:

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Bodrum Ferryboat Routes for Turkey and Greece

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BODRUM FERRYBOAT 2017 Timetables

Below are the 2017 Ferryboat Timetables, for boats leaving from Bodrum bound for Kos, Rhodes, Leros and Datca, and for the Turgutreis services to Kalymnos and Kos.

BODRUM TO KOS: January 1 2017 – March 31 2017 (Winter)

and April 1 – October 31 (Summer)

Daily Bodrum to Kos ferry service starts on April 1st 2017.

Journey time is 45 minutes.

Bodrum Ferryboat 2017 timetable and price

TURGUTREIS TO KOS: June 2017 – October 2017

Daily Turgutreis to Kos ferry service starts in June.

Journey time is 20 minutes.

Turgutreis - Kos & Kos - Turgutreis Departures (2017) Ferry Timetable

TURGUTREIS TO KALYMNOS: June 2017 – September 2017

The weekly Saturday Turgutreis to Kalymnos ferry service started at the end of May and runs through to mid-September. Due to popular demand this weekly service has been extended to operate on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sound from Turgutries and Kalymnos. There are two different boat times, with a double service on Saturdays.

Journey time is 45 minutes.

**UPDATE: New Timetable updated Aug 2017

Bodrum Ferryboat Timetable Kalymnos to Turgutreis

Old Timetable

Turgutreis - Kalymnos - Turgutreis Departures (2017) Ferry Timetable

TURGUTREIS TO LEROS: June 2017 – September 2017

The Weekly Sunday Turgutreis to Leros ferry service that started on May 21st through to mid-September, has been extended due to popular demand, and you can now travel between Leros and Turgutreis on a Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Journey time is 75 minutes.

**UPDATE: New Timetable updated Aug 2017Turgutreis to Leros Ferry Service Bodrum Ferryboat

BODRUM TO DATCA: January 2017 – October 2017

A partial-service runs between January to May, and the daily service starts on June 1st and runs through to the end of October.

Journey time is 105 minutes.

Bodrum - Datca Departures (2017) Ferry Timetable



  • The Bodrum to Rhodes Route timetable – NOT SERVICE FOR 2017


For the most up to date pricing visit the Bodrum http://www.bodrumferibot.com/en/prices.asp

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Bodrum Ferryboat

Bodrum Ferryboat Turgutreis to Kos

Bodrum Ferryboat is just one of the ferry companies operating routes out of Bodrum, another popular choice is Bodrum Express.

Location of the Castle Ferry Boat Port (for the Kos Ferry), the Rhodes Ferry leaves from the Bodrum Cruise Port.

Location of Bodrum Peninsula Turkey Ferribot Terminals

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