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Here’s a selection of articles I’ve written about the Bodrum Peninsula and my time in Turkey.

Writing Guest Articles for other websites and blogs is a great way to share my passion about this Aegean corner of Turkey.

Read the excerpts below , or just click on the links to read the full article on the host websites.


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Publication:  Bodrum Bulletin

Published:  Friday, March 22nd 2013

Bitez lane between beach and village Bodrum Peninsula TurkeyBitez – More than a Beach

By sharp contrast to the coastal walk, the Village Walk weaves you through the citrus and olive groves that separate the Beach from Bitez Village. These narrow paths are dappled with shade and lead you on a tranquil journey away from the main crush of tourists.

If you’re not into aimless wandering, you can head to the ruins of the Gara Church.

This 2,000 year old Greek Church has an interior floor with an impressive display of dolphin mosaics. You can’t actually get inside, as it’s locked up and in dire need of some restoration, but you can still see the mosaics through the doors and windows.  Read More

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Publication:  yTravel

Published:  Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What to do in Bodrum Turkey

When you visit the Bodrum Peninsula, you have two choices: Either it comes at you full force and you just let it just wash over you; or you go in search of it’s other, quieter side, and eek-out the memories you’re in search of.  I’m a frequent visitor to the Bodrum Peninsula, and each time I visit, I always manage to unearth some new little gem lying in wait for me.  Read More

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Publication: Her Packing List

Published:  Monday October 29, 2012

Ultimate Female Packing List for Bodrum Turkey

Some people are last minute packers, but not me. A couple of weeks before I’m due to leave, I’ll start creating piles of clothes by garment type — jeans, trousers by length, tops sorted by sleeve-length, dresses and sweatshirts. For me, packing for a trip, is like holiday foreplay.  Read More

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Publication: Turkayfe

Published:  Friday, August 31, 2012

Poem:  Turkish Coffee is my Cup of Tea 

Turkish Coffee is my cup of tea; it’s bitter, it’s sweet, and generally
Approaching it one sip at a time; the taste that lingers, is simply divine.

This cup in my life, plays a key role; keeping me grounded, leaving me whole.

Not just a cup, but a metaphor; for travel adventures just through the door. Read More
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Publication: Travel Signposts

Published:  Sunday, July 15, 2012

Discovering Bodrum

It was just after dawn, and most of the town was still sleeping. But my jet lagged body had woken me early, and I set out to explore Bodrum at first light. I made my way to the waters edge, and headed to the only sign of life in the bay; a huddle of fishing boats, moored up in front of the Bodrum Belideysi Tea House.  Read More

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Publication: The Holiday and Travel Magazine

Published:  Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adventures Await You in Bodrum

In today’s cost conscious world, many travelers are opting for all-inclusive resort options when planning their holidays. But just because it’s all inclusive, doesn’t mean you have to limit your experience.  Let’s face it – if you’ve traveled half way round the world to visit a new location – why would you want to sit and look at the same strip of beach, or visit the same shops, day after day.  Holiday’s are an opportunity to throw caution to the wind, and step off the beaten track to see what adventures await you.
Bodrum Peninsula Adventures:   Read More
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Publication: Perking the Pansies 

Published:  Tuesday, September 12, 2011

The Nibbler becomes the Fisherman

I frequently swim around the Blog-o-Sphere, following bait from pool to pool.  I like to observe the fisherman from a distance, and watch them cast their lines in an attempt to lure me in.  If the bait doesn’t interest me, I’ll swim out of one pool and lurk in another. But if the lines thrown in my direction are suitably weighted and  baited, I’m enticed in for a nibble, and can become hooked on the content! Jack used his worm to lure me in, and I’ve been nibbling in his Pansy Pool ever since.  Read More

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And Lastly, this isn’t an article, but it is related to my writing efforts over on Trip Advisor:

Trip Advisor reviews for Bodrum


Let me know if you host a Travel related blog or website, and are looking for articles about the Bodrum Peninsula.

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