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Welcome to the Best of Aquarium Cove between Gumbet & Bitez

Aquarium Bay near Gumbut Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Introduction to Aquarium Bay & Cove

There’s an enticing area between Bitez and Gumbet, called Aquarium Bay, which is primarily visited by day boats from the nearby harbours. This area used to attract a lot of fish, hence it’s name, but the continual arrival and departure of boat traffic has scared most of them off. The water is crystal clear aqua marine, and glorious for swimming in.

Tucked in the corner of the Bay is the secluded Aquarium Cove.


Aquarium Cove is sandwiched between Gumbet to the East and Bitez to the West, and has a couple of small islands to the South. The larger of these two islands is called Ada Boğazı.

Siesta Boat Trip Bitez Bodrum Peninsula Turkey

Getting There

Throughout the day, Aquarium Cove is visited by a stream of Daily Boat Trips, and this is the easiest way to reach this location.  All of the boat trips from Bitez, including the Kelebek II Boat and the Siesta Boat, stop off at Aquarium at the beginning or end of the day.

There’s no roads running out to the end of this part of the peninsula, but there’s hiking trails that can be reached from both Bitez and Gumbet, that will lead you to the Cove.

Akvaryum Tamer Buke

Things to do

  • Take a day boat trip to feed the fish and snorkel
  • Follow the hiking trail from Bitez Harbour to Aquarium Cove to dicover this secluded bit of coastline


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Photo Gallery of Aquarium Bay


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©  Panoramio:  Capbaba and Tamer Buke

©  Siesta Boat Trip

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